• 2002-09-24
  • Session guests The Toques were previously called Buick 6 but had changed it after receiving objections from another band of the same name. The session consists of covers: "Jealous Again" (Black Crowes), "In My Time Of Dying" (Bob Dylan etc), "Louise" (Human League), "Out There" (Dinosaur Jr.).
  • Sheila is said to be "a lot happier after Ipswich's 3-1 win at Portman Road this evening." They had beaten Brighton & Hove Albion in the League Cup.
  • Peel receives an email from Serbia, sent by the Nab Woodleys. He mentions that they had taken a couple of boxes of surplus 12" singles from Peel Acres to donate to the B92 radio station in Belgrade.
  • John had watched "Trisha" on ITV that morning and had ended up in tears at one of the stories featured.


  • Toques. Only session, recorded 18 August 2002.


JP: "Sometimes on this programme we move pretty slowly and sometimes on this programme we move pretty quickly. Over the weekend I heard a demo by a band called Part Chimp and read about them actually, in the Independent as well, there was a good review of one of their gigs. Today I think, we phoned up and booked 'em to do a session for us in October."
JP: "The Pig's Big 78 for you now. With a war due pretty soon, The Pig chose as her Big 78 tonight a reminder of how much fun was to be had in a previous war."
JP: "Now I love The Pig in a way which I can barely describe to you, to the point of madness. But if she played guitar like that I think I'd be able to love her even more."
Chat with Mary Anne Hobbs.


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  • 2:00:30
  • Many thanks to B!
  1. The link in the segue is an extract from a recording of the American radio series 'Inner Sanctum Mystery', namely the episode 'The Vengeful Corpse' from 1949. Link to script.
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