• 1992-04-25
  • "Hi there I'm John Peel the jeanagers (sic) friend. And this programme is for Mark and Vanessa of Bury who got married today and almost certainly won't be listening to the radio as a consequence. Quite rightly so to."
  • John has one or two problems pronouncing Gerogerigegege.
  • First two and a half hours or so of the show included on Files 1-4 which have been subsequently joined. New section from the SL Tapes adds a little more to the end of the show.


  • Bivouac #1, recorded 08 March 1992. No known commercial releaase.
  • Ragga Twins #2, repeat, first broadcast 23 January 1992. Recorded 21 January 1992. No known commercial release.


File 1

(11:30 News)

File 2 begins
File e begins

(JP: ‘I must be one of astonishingly few people in the country who ever saw Ron Holden Live’.)

File 3

  • Space Cadet: 'House The Crowd (12 inch)' (Sapho)
  • (JP: 'I had actually intended to go up to Oxford to see the Ipswich match but duty called and I wanted to make sure this programme was as white hot as they always are so I stayed in town and sorted it out.')
  • Augustus Pablo: 'Keep On Dubbing (Unknown)'
  • Basinger: 'Looking At Him (12 inch - Boomerang EP )' (Wilde Club Records)

File e ends
File c begins

  • Daisy: 'Brave Mr Real (7 inch )' (Planned Obsolescence)
(JP: ‘You're listening to One FM where the hits keep happening.’)
(JP: ‘I was tempted to play their [Gerogerigegege’s] track from the CD, but emm, err shall I describe [it]. Well it seems to be basically somebody masturbating actually set to music. So I felt that perhaps not at this time of night. Not what you really need. So instead a track from ‘Dissecting Table’.)

File 4

(1:00 news) (edited out on File c)

File 4 ends

File c ends
File d starts

Peel reveals that he discovered that day what 'Yo La Tengo' means; "It's something apparently that baseball players shout... it probably means something like, 'leave it, it's mine' I think, or 'my ball' or whatever."
(JP: 'Andy Kershaw, who has an A level in Spanish, phoned up to say Yo La Tengo actually means 'I've already got it', as in "don't go to Norwich, you'll get dysentery". "Yo la tengo".')


  • 1-4) Peel Show 1992-04-25 (incomplete)
  • c) 1992-04-25 Peel Show L266
  • d) 1992-04-25 Peel Show L252
  • e) 1992-04-25 JP L276
  • 1-4) 02:34:53
  • c) 01:30:49
  • d) 00:15:03
  • e) 00:40:06
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