• 1996-08-25
  • A four hour show live from the Reading festival. Two recordings are available. The first (a) includes the concerts plus some JP links. The second (b) is almost the full show, with just the first five minutes or so missing.
  • As well as the live performance the show includes interviews with (inevitably) David Gedge from the Wedding Present and Tim Wheeler from Ash.
  • Details of the track not included on the recordings are taken from Lorcan's tracklisting archive .



Recording (b) starts
(JP: ‘...and of course there is no Kershaw programme tonight on Radio One.)
(JP: ‘And time for the first burst of Live music. It comes from Three Colours Red. Recorded this afternoon on the NME stage.')
Recording (a) starts
  • Three Colours Red recorded Reading Festival 25th August 1996
    • ‘Nerve Gas’
    • ‘Copper Girl’
    • ‘Aniseed’
    • ‘Hate Slick’
    • ‘This Is My Hollywood’
Recording (a) pauses
(8:30 news)
(Interview with David Gedge of The Wedding Present)
(As the CD suddenly stops playing. JP: ‘I can’t believe I’ve just done that.’)
Recording (a) restarts
  • Wedding Present recorded Reading Festival 25th August 1996
    • ‘Kansas’
    • ‘2 3 Go’
    • ‘Venus’
    • 'Loveslave'
    • ‘Real Thing’
    • ‘Drive’
    • ‘Montreal’
    • ‘Come Play With Me’
Recording (a) pauses
Recording (a) restarts
  • Catatonia recorded Reading Festival 25th August 1996
    • ‘Sweet Catatonia’
    • ‘Do You Believe In Me’
    • ‘You've Got A Lot To Answer For’
    • ‘Lost Cat’
    • ‘Bleed’
    • ‘Painful’
Recording (a) pauses
(Interview with Tim Wheeler of Ash)
Recording (a) restarts
  • Ash recorded Reading Festival 25th August 1996
    • ‘Goldfinger’
    • ‘Darkside Lightside’
    • ‘Oh Yeah’
    • ‘Innocent Smile’
    • ‘Petrol’
    • ‘Girl From Mars’
    • ‘Kung Fu’
Recording (a) pauses
(JP: ‘This was the Pig’s choice for tonight.’)
Recording (a) restarts
  • Julian Cope recorded Reading Festival 24th August 1996
    • ‘Wheelbarrow Man’
    • ‘Try Try Try’
    • ‘Sunspots’
    • ‘World Shut Your Mouth’
    • ‘Trampolene’
Recording (a) pauses
  • Ramamurti Gresbek: ‘Sambaba (Various Artists CD - InterGOActive)’ Wider Recordings
  • Misunderstood: ‘Who Do You Love (CD - Before The Dream Faded)’ Cherry Red
Recording (a) restarts
  • Flaming Lips recorded Reading Festival 25th August 1996
    • ‘Unconsciously Screaming’
    • ‘Put The Waterbug In The Policeman's Ear’
    • ‘When You Smile’
    • ‘Lucifer Sam’
    • ‘She Don't Use Jelly’
Recording (a) ends
(JP: ‘First class weekend I’ve had here at the Reading Festival. The only thing that I’ve missed really, to be perfectely honest with you, these people.’)
(JP ‘...and here, with this week no chance to talk about Kershaw’s trousers, is Mary Anne Hobbs.’)
Tracks marked @ available on File c


  • (a) 1996-08-25 Radio One (Reading).mp3
  • (b) Peel Show 1996-08-25
  • (c) 1996-08-xx Peel Show LE306
  • (a) 02:06:07
  • (b) 03:55:23
  • (c) 1:32:57 (0:43-34:03) (to 6:49 unique)
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