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  • 1975-11-25
  • From a mixtape of J P D12
  • Debut session by Five Hand Reel, who, as Peel had pointed out in his preview at the end of the previous evening's show, included Dick Gaughan.
  • An oldie single by Richard Berry, composer of "Louie Louie".
  • The Tangerine Dream track is played in full - it is the second side of their current LP, says JP.
  • As on the previous evening, the show ends with a novelty record - this time, the Band of the Black Watch playing "Dance of the Cuckoos", the Laurel And Hardy theme. Peel says it's to celebrate the appearance in the charts at no. 21 of L&H’s "On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine"



  • Travis Wammack: Greenwood, Mississippi (LP - Not For Sale) Capricorn (JP: Ah, good rousing stuff…”)
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  • Five Hand Reel: Campbell's Farewell To Red Castle/The Duchess Of Perth/The Lads Of Mull (session)
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  • Mr Big: Time Base (LP - Sweet Silence) EMI
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  • Richard Berry: I Am Bewildered (some distortion, maybe because the record is not in good condtion)
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  • Five Hand Reel: Slieve Gallon Braes (session)
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  • Tangerine Dream: Ricochet (Part Two) (LP - Ricochet) Virgin (with JP outro)
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  • 10cc: Art For Art's Sake (LP - How Dare You!) Mercury (JP: And that’ll be on the band’s new LP scheduled for release in the New Year)
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  • Five Hand Reel: Wee Wee German Lairdie (session)
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  • Band Of The Black Watch: Dance Of The Cuckoos (The "Laurel & Hardy" Theme) (7") Spark
  • end of show - JP previews tomorrow's show, which will include some of trhe new LP by Joni Mitchell.


  • J P D12 24th and 25th Nov 1975.mp3
  • 1:41:19 (from 0:50:40)
  • Many thanks to Decktician, Rocker for organisation and Tim for digitisation