• 1978-09-25
  • Plays Teenage Kicks twice on the run. Says it is the first time he's done this for a long time. Claims Pig said Undertones singer Feargal Sharkey sounded like Loudon Wainwright III when JP played the record the previous evening.
  • Start of show: "Well, it looks like being a fairly rugged week, I must say, as the champions of Europe and lords of mankind face a stiffy sort of a test on Wednesday night. On tonight's programme, though, we have no such considerations: the two sessions from the Skids and from Motörhead. Among the records, Europeans wearing silly wigs and hoping to meet a Beatle: also Penetration, Jean Cooper Clarke, David Bowie, Sabbath, Wire, the Undertones, Jam, all the usual people, and we start with...."
  • The Roadshow is going to Sheffield at the weekend.



File d begins

(JP: 'Haven't heard phasing like that since about 1968.')

File a begins

File a ends
Files b, c begin

Files b & c tape break

Files b & c restart

File d tape break

  • Jam: 'Down In The Tube Station At Midnight (7")' (Polydor)

Files b and c tape edit

(JP: 'I've not done this for ages but I think we ought to hear that again.')
(JP: 'That is a mighty, mighty record you know. Come the end of the year, that will be battling with 'Suspect Device' and 'Shot By Both Sides' as my record of the year I think.')

File d restarts

Files b,c end

File d ends


  • (a) 1978-09-25 Peel Show T005.aif
  • (b) 25-09-78000.mp3
  • (c) JP19780925.mp3
  • (d) 1978-09-25 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete) DB016+DB020+DB017
  • (1) 00:14:55
  • (b) 01:02:14
  • (c) 00:43:10
  • (d) 01:49:05
  • (a) Created from T005 of 400 Box, digitised by Rok
  • (b) 25 September 1978 show includes first track (and second announced) of file created from T100 of 400 Box, then continues from 24.37.
  • (c) Reduced version of file (b), with just the 25 September tracks.
  • (d) File created from DB016 DB020 & DB017 of the Derby Box. Many thanks to Chris and Rob.
  1. Allen Toussaint cover.
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