• 1992-09-25
  • The CB057 tape is roughly 11:43 to 01:16.
  • John recalls a recent visit to the army camp in Anglesey where he did his National Service: most of it had apparently been destroyed.



  • unknown female fronted indie 3

File b starts here

(JP: 'And the search for the Little Richard Cover Search goes on, I'm now into the Fs, so that gives me the excuse to play this.')

File 1 starts here

File b ends and File c starts here

  • Pond: 'Spots' (Peel Session)
(JP: 'This is another one of those records that I discovered as I was making my way through the pile of singles by artists whose names begin with F. From Fort Worth, Texas, the Firemen.')

Files 1 & c end and File 2 starts here. File d also starts here.

(JP: 'Believe me, the original (by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich-SIG) didn't come within a thousand miles of the wonderfulness of that.')
  • Johnny R: 'The Preacher (12")'
  • Prophecy Of Doom: 'Vortex Dreamer (LP-Matrix)' (Metalcore)
  • (1 a.m. news: this puts the start of file 1 as 11:43PM. This means that around 6 minutes are missing at the start of the show on File b, either before the first listed track (the Fall) or at the audible tape edit.)(The edit comes for the 11:30 news but comes at 26.5 mins into the file. Therefore there must be around 3.5 minutes missing at the start of the file and perhaps 2 mins for the news.) (NB 3.5 minutes at start are probably the first track on File 3)
  • New Fast Automatic Daffodils: 'Stockholm (7 inch)' (Play It Again Sam)
  • Risen From The Ranks: 'Don't Beg For Love (12 inch)' (Synthetic)
  • Happy Flowers: 'I Wanna BB Gun (And Some Glass Eyes) (CD-Flowers On 45: The Homestead Singles And More)' (Homestead)
(JP: 'Ah, we shall never see their like again, I fear.')
  • Fiestas: 'I'm Gonna Hate Myself' (Chimneyville)

File 2 ends during this track, File d ends during JP outro
File e begins

(JP: 'Lynn Parsons passed this way a few moments ago, looking absolutely astonishing, I mean good astonishing. I'm not quite sure what she's been up to: the story she told me wasn't entirely convincing.')


  • File 1: 1992-09-25 pt 1
  • File 2: 1992-09-25 pt 2
  • File b: 1992-09-25 Peel Show L141a
  • File c: L218a.mp3
  • File d: 1992-09-25 Peel Show L141b
  • File e: L218b.mp3
  • File 3: John Peel tape no.22 side b
  • File 1: 00:46:32
  • File 2: 00:46:29
  • File b: 00:41:21
  • File c: 00:43:03
  • File d: 00:38:06
  • File e: 00:43:44
  • File 3: 2) 46:20 (23:45 on) (23:45-27:15 unique)
  • Files 1 and 2 : Very good quality mono at 256 kbps. Files created from CB057 of 500 Box.
  • Files b and d: Good quality mono. Files created from L141 of SL Tapes
  • Files c and e: Good quality mono. Created from L218 (Sides A&B) of SL Tapes.
  • File 1: [1]
  • File 2: [2]
  • File b: [3 Mooo]
  • File c: Mooo
  • File d: [4 Mooo]
  • File e: Mooo
  • File 3: 2) 46:20
  1. JP likes the first half minute of this song so much he immediately plays it again. The single was later found in John Peel's Record Box.
  2. JP notes that the title is open to dispute, and could be 'She's Asleep' or 'It's Snowing'. The Peel Sessions (p. 320) lists it as merely 'Snowing'.
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