• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 2001-09-25
  • Radio One had organised "a bit of a do" the night before at King's College Students Union in London, to celebrate Peel's 40 years in broadcasting. It featured live performances from Pulp, Nick Cave and Billy Bragg. Extracts from these sets are scheduled for broadcast on 11 October 2001.
  • JP: "It was a great night... anecdotes from the evening will emerge as the week's programmes unfold before you. The only thing is that I played records at the end of it to an entirely motionless room. Just brought back all of those memories of all those polytechnics that I used to trek around in the Sixties and Seventies, playing records to resentful students, standing there looking at me, thinking 'who is this hateful man and why is he playing us all these horrible records?'"
  • Since there is already a competition in the show, to win tickets to see Melt-Banana live, listeners who would like to see the following evening's performances by Bearsuit and the Loves at Maida Vale are invited to just send in an email instead, from which the lucky winners are drawn.
  • Something goes awry when Peel attempts to play the first batch of session tracks from Locust and the old Grinderswitch signature tune somehow starts playing.
  • Peel has to stop playing the Future Cut track and transfer the vinyl to another turntable when the first one proves to be defective.
  • Perhaps as a consequence of the above, the John Peel Sweet Eating Game (Clip) gets a mention.


  • Locust. First broadcast of one and only session.

(No known commercial release)


  • Jimmy Reed: Take It Slow (LP - details not given) Unknown
  • CEX: Eleven Million Dollars Worth Of Stolen Bearer Bonds (EP - The Connected Series #2 12") Klangkrieg
  • Gaji: Fitful Baits (LP - Focus/Fluid/Daub) ZK Records
JP: "Right. I think I've made my first mistake of the night, because I haven't put on the session, which is coming up shortly."
  • Locust: How To Become A Virgin / Half Eaten Sausage Would Like To See You In His Office / Kill Rodger Hedgecock / Straight From The Horse's Mouth (session)
  • Freddie McGregor: Hand In A De Fire (7") Stingray
JP: "Does end very, very suddenly and it's not another display of incompetence from me on this occasion."
JP: "David, who's new on the programme, said "didn't you play that at a different speed the first time?" He'll learn."
JP: "You'll be impressed to hear that I've fixed the other turntable all by myself. It's like crawling out onto the wing of one of those old biplanes and plugging the petrol tank with chewing gum."
JP: "One of the things I like about the LP is that it has that same kind of booming quality as the first Rolling Stones LP. You want proof?"
JP: "Their best LP, I always maintain."
JP: "If the Melys's are listening, thanks very much indeed for the present you gave me yesterday. One of the nicest presents I've been given in all of my life."
  • Blind Joe Reynolds: Outside Woman Blues (LP - Country Blues Encores 1927 - 1935) Original Jazz Library
  • Digital: Watch It ('Restless' 12") Reinforced Records
  • James Brown: Shuffling Sammy (78) Winner - Pig's Big 78 2001
  • Locust: 23 Schizophrenics With Delusions Of Grandeur / Stucco Obelisks Labelled As Trees / Skin Graft At 75 Mph / Get Off The Cross The Wood Is Needed (session)
  • Venetian Snares: How To Steal And Store An Ice Sculpted Bear (EP - The Connected Series #2 12") Klangkrieg
JP: "These programmes are not complete as you know, without at least one tune from the White Stripes. So here's an old one."


  • John Peel 25-09-01.mp3
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