• 1994-08-26
  • The programme comes from backstage at the Reading Festival.
  • The show includes with interviews Louise Wener from Sleeper, John “Fat” Beast, Voodoo Queens, David Gedge, Paul Lester and contributions from John’s daughter Flossie. Just the interview with Louise Wener and John “Fat” Beast are included on the recording.
  • John planned to interview Lou Barlow, but this was cancelled after the Sebadoh man had an accident on stage with his guitar.
  • The first 90 minutes of the show are available, plus several tracks from a mixtape. Full tracklisting taken from Lorcan's Playlist Archive .


  • Flaming Lips, recorded Live at the Reading Festival. No known commercial release.


(JP: ‘[You] must be picking up that booming Cyprus Hill bass that’s going on in the background. I’ll just pause for a second so you can get a bit of the atmos’. John turns up effects mike, just as Cyprus Hill launch into a string of expletives. ‘Well there you go. Thank you. That’s your ration of rude words for the time being’.)
(JP: ‘This is a track from a err, I’ve forgotten who it is by actually, but it will be jolly good.’)
(Interview with Louise Wener from Sleeper)
(10:31 news)
(11:29 news)
(Interview with John "Fat" Beast)
(Recording ends)
(Interview with the Voodoo Queens)
(Interview with David Gedge & Douglas, [a steward]) §
(Interview with Paul Lester of Melody Maker) §


  • 1) Peel Show 1994-08-26 (incomplete)
  • 2) OT mixtape Sh 1994 Sebadoh.mp3
  • 1) 01:33:07
  • 2) 30:32 (16:07-21:28)
  • 1) Many thanks to the taper
  • 2) Many thanks to Onion Terror. OT Mixtape Sh
  • 1) Mooo
  • 2) OT's John Peel Mixtapes 2 torrent
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