• 1989-12-26
  • The third part of the 1989 Festive Fifty, backed by best of the year session repeats and records.
  • As with the remainder of the week's programmes, Peel's usual 1 hour 30 minutes was extended to two hours.



(JP: 'As always, when people come and sit in the studio when I'm doing programmes, it's quite interesting to see how they react. After about ten or fifteen minutes, you can see them sitting there reading, like, three month old copies of City Limits and stuff like this, and newspapers which they would not normally read at all. It's quite amusing too to open the microphone suddenly, not all the way, and see them freeze.')
(JP: 'The children, of course, bored stiff by the programme already and their dad's appalling taste in music, have gone outside and are playing a machine in the corridor called 'Give Us A Break'. I just came up as the answer to one of the questions: I was much impressed by this, although rather less impressed by the fact that I was the wrong answer to the question.')
  • Prong: 'Senseless Abuse' (Peel Session)
(JP: 'The children have just elected a representative, Alexandra, 12, to come in and find out when the programme ends: that's how much they're enjoying it. I was just looking over to see whether the Mayo phone was ringing, and it hasn't rung once since the programme started. Either this means that nobody's listening, or that those few people who are listening think that the programme's pre-recorded anyway. If it was pre-recorded, it would be better than this.')

1989 Festive Fifty: Numbers 30-21

(JP: 'I have to admit, actually, as you probably realise if you're a regular listener to the programme, that I'm slightly mystified by the great appeal of the Stone Roses. I don't hate them, as one or two people suggested with their votes, sort of, "I know you hate them, but I'm voting for them anyway!", that kind of stuff, but it's really not true. I was gonna say that they sound to me at times like Herman's Hermits, but that's not quite true either. I do that just to annoy you.')
(JP: 'Much more my saucer of rat poison that I must say')
(JP: 'I'm tempted to say that that's the first Sarah record to get into the Festive Fifty, but I say that without any research whatsoever, and whenever I do say anything as absolute as that, people phone in or write in and say, "You're completely wrong, it's the 17th", or something like that.')
(JP: 'You may have thought that record jumped at one stage. That's just a precaution we take here at Radio 1 FM in case people are illegally recording the programme.') Said tongue in cheek. Presumably.

Tracks marked # also available on File c in better sound quality


  • a) 26th December 89
  • b) JP19891226.mp3
  • c) John Peel Tape #7 (07.1.90)
  • a) 01:45:35
  • b) 02:00:52
  • c) 01:13:21 (from 01:16 to 18:18)
  • a) Slight distortion evident at some points during the recording.
  • b)
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