• 2000-12-26
  • Complete show including the annual 2000 Festive Fifty Part 1 #50-36
  • Intro: "Hello again, and happy Boxing Day."
  • John regrets that Centro-Matic did not find time to record a session when they were in the UK, and hopes they will the following year. They did so in May 2001.


  • None


(JP: A challenger for next year's Festive Fifty? I wouldn't be at all surprised....And in tonight's programme, we start on this year's Festive Fifty, numbers 50-36.')

2000 Festive Fifty: Numbers 50-36

(JP: 'Time to start this year's Festive Fifty. I should point out before we start, because there's always one or two people who get this wrong, this is not my choice of records. I mean, there are records in there for which I have a great admiration, but people write in and say, "I was outraged by your choice at number 46", whatever it is, and really it's not me, it's the listener's choice of records they've voted in the last couple of months for their three favourite tracks of the year, singles, LPs, tracks taken from sessions (although I think there's only one of those, actually, that's made it into the final fifty. I'm certainly not going to tell you what it is yet, because you have to maintain that kind of level of excitement). And there are inevitably one or two records which I can't ever remember playing at all, but again, that's not the point, you know. The point is that it's records that you chose as amongst your favourites of the year. I don't remember playing the number 50 record to be honest, but Anita the producer says that I did, so, all-knowing, all-seeing.')
(JP: 'At number 47, I think perhaps the first record ever to be in any of the Festive Fifties (David Gedge will be able to confirm or deny this) that I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce.')
(JP: 'On this seven inch, of course, there are two different songs called "Little Boy Blue", and I wasn't quite sure which one you meant, so I chose the Bobby Blue Bland one, 'cos it's my favourite of the two.')
(JP: 'Well, I have to say that, as a bloke who cries far too easily than is good for me really, that track has given me more trouble than any other this year.')
(JP: 'I was very pleased to see, hear, whatever, this at number 39.')
(JP: 'Will we hear from them again in this year's Festive Fifty? I obviously know the answer to that, said he rather smugly. You'll have to listen tomorrow night and Thursday night to find out....and another particular favoruite of mine at number 37.')


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