• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 2001-12-26
  • Complete Show including the 2001 Festive Fifty Part 2.
  • Start of show: 'Hello again and welcome to Peel Acres for more of the Festive Fifty, numbers 34 to 19 actually, tonight. And I know I'm at least a day late with this, but what the heck.'
  • JP relates that he has a Christmas EP by the Cuban Boys somewhere, and suggests that, in the spirit of the band, he should play it through January.


  • None


(JP: 'Thing is, I looked everywhere for Boxing Day songs, and there frankly don't seem to be any.')
(JP: 'The fact that records, well obviously from this year, the fact that they're included at this stage of the programme doesn't mean they're not in the Festive Fifty: could be a kind of bluff. What would be the point of that, you may ask, and it's a fair question.')

2001 Festive Fifty: Numbers 34-19

(JP: 'One of our favourites of the year as well in this house. It'd have been a lot higher if it had been up to me, but of course it isn't.')
(JP: 'One of the best live bands I've seen this year as well.')
(JP: 'Of course, it is the case with the Festive Fifty, it obviously represents the interests of you the listeners and to a certain extent of me as well, but at the same time if a band has just put out a couple of singles or something like that, just a few tracks, they've got a much better chance of getting in there than if a band has put out a couple of LPs, a few singles and a couple of sessions, because obviously the votes are then spread out over a vast number of songs. Just thought I'd mention that.')
(JP: 'I want you to know I'm being plagued by what must be the only surviving bluebottle in the country.')
(JP: 'I can't remember exactly, but I have to say that it's perfectly possible that I've never played that on the radio before, if only because the last couple of minutes of it sound to me like the soundtrack to some kind of disorientation technique.')
  • 26: ballboy, 'They'll Hang Flags From Cranes Upon My Wedding Day (EP-Girls Are Better Than Boys)' (SL) [3]
(JP: 'And it's not unfair to say that the nation is agog as we enter the second half, the top half of the Festive Fifty, and how weird it is that we had to wait until number 25 to hear these people.')
(JP: 'There's one thing that's absolutely certain about the Festive Fifty, is if a band makes a really long track, it'll get into it.')
(JP: 'And it would not be unfair to say that the nation is agog as we enter the top twenty of this year's Festive Fifty.')
(JP: 'Well, hopefully tomorrow night another programme, the third in a row from Peel Acres, we'll be able to take emails, and also to play in the news jingle properly from our end, which we've not been able to do....tomorrow we go from 18 to number 1, not to be missed, I suggest. Our thanks very much for listening to tonight's programme.')


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  • Current 2001-01-26 WMA.wma
  • 02:00:02
  • Very good sound at 128 kbps.
  1. According to the website from which this information was taken, the track was recorded on 5 September 1930.
  2. Loaned to JP for the show by daughter Flossie.
  3. Again, re-released on Club Anthems 2001.
  4. Information on this from the band's website: "In the year 2001, BMG offered the Cuban Boys £50K for this track. But fate dealt a heavy blow and just 48 hours from signing the deal, the offer was withdrawn. The band's own management company were so convinced by the strength of the track that they sent hundreds of promos out to holiday DJs in sunny islands. Unfortunately, it seems, the DJs sent them all back. The track remains a lost gem, and despite everything remained a firm favourite on the John Peel Show, reaching number 23 in the Festive 50."
  5. JP thinks that a member of the Super Furry Animals may be on this track, and he is right: Gruff Rhys is one of those on backing vocals.
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