• 1980-02-26
  • Start of show: "If you were listening to last night's programme, you will have heard me mention the fact I'd got a cold and by tonight I might very easily have lost my voice. Well, as you can tell, it's about to go. But the show must go on. On tonight's programme, a session from the Cigarettes, four or five tracks from the Stiff Little Fingers LP, a new single from the Jam - I can't even speak at all. More records from Modern Eon, the Contortions, the Tearjerkers, Cabaret Voltaire, the Misfits, the Selecter, Rotzkotz, Martha & The Muffins, Home Service, the Offs, Scritti Politti and Penetration. And to start, Siouxsie & The Banshees."
  • John is very under the weather, and it is apparently before the days of Sick Pay at the Beeb....
  • That afternoon he has been at the Cafe Royal for the filming of the National Rock & Pop Awards, which will be broadcast on TV the following night.[1]
  • Original rip only covered side 2 of T220 and this soon degenerated into severe distortion.
  • Newly available rerip cures most of the distortion (though some remains - the physical screeching of the tape was painful to listen too and I hope has not damaged the heads of my Nak!)
  • Best of all, there is now a side 1 so aside form a short gap during a track for a tape flip, the show is complete.


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(Mike Read is hovering like a vulture as he is convinced John will not be able to carry on with the show.....)
(JP: "While that was going on, another phone call, this time from Andy Peebles, who is with the Specials in Washington, and sounded to be having a jolly good time over there as well. I don't know. I mean, here am I stuck in this miserable studio by meself with a sore throat in sure knowledge that tomorrow Peter Powell is going to be really obnoxious about the fact that Wolves beat Liverpool this evening. There are times, you know, when you feel like giving up." [Liverpool had lost 0-1 at Molineaux].)


  • 1980-26-02 Peel Show Tape 220.mp3
  • 1:57:55


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