• 1993-02-26
  • Peel has something to confess early on. "I have to tell you that I've lost my glasses and I can't actually see my running order, so there'll be amusing mistakes throughout the entire programme, I suggest... I left them in the Manchester to London train on Thursday afternoon... If you see them, you'll recognise them because the left hand ear piece is held on with a paper clip."
  • "I find myself these days increasingly having to phone up record companies and say to them, somewhat shamefacedly, "Can you tell me what speed the record you sent to me the other day is supposed to be played at" and, er, this very day I phoned someone up to ask them this and, er, they didn't know themselves .... no names, no pack-drill, but there should be one or two lunches in it for me."
  • The news leads with the car bomb attack on the World Trade Centre in New York.



File a & 1 begin

  • Therapy?: 'Accelerator' (EP 'Short Sharp Shock) A&M
  • File 3 cuts in near end of above
(JP: 'In our house in moments of despair, we shout "Kimble!" and this happens.')
  • Fall: 'Kimble' (Single) Strange Fruit
  • Noel Ellis: 'Don't You Know (version)' (Single) Powerhouse
  • Codeine: 'Jr' (Peel Session)
(JP: 'The search for that missing Little Richard cover version continues, and I'm getting towards the end of the aitches. This is one of the records that I came up with this week, and a gem it is too. It was a number one record in Dallas when I lived there. Ah! Brings back wonderful memories.')
(JP: 'I was listening to hot new records this morning as I was putting this programme together, and this one produced a bead of sweat on my upper lip and the Pig said that she liked it as well.')

Flip File 1

File a ends File b begins

(JP: 'And because I know that they're now back in Prague and can't hear this programme, I'll have a stab at the lineup of the band... in case anybody sends them a tape of this, I apologise for getting your names wrong. It's pretty much a tradition of the programme, I have to say that.')
  • Eggs: 'The Government Administrator' (7" Single) Hemiola
(JP: 'This "Veteran DJ In No Glasses Horror" business is really getting me down. If I sit bolt upright in an unnaturally erect position I can just get far enough away from the page to read that it says the Eggs on Hemiola Records.')

1991 Festive Fifty: Number 36

File 3 cuts out

Flip File 1

(JP: 'I have to admit actually this is a record that I bought as a kid. I keep meaning to introduce a feature into these programmes - I keep forgetting to do it as well, which is probably just as well - which is one of those kinds of "records I bought when I was about that high". Even when I was very, very young when this record came out, I knew enough to know that "when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie" was a fairly crap line.')

File b ends
File c begins

(JP: 'I've got something like 15 seconds long during which I have to cue up the next record, so this is going to be quite exciting stuff.')
(JP: 'Did it with about 5 seconds to spare, too! ... now the only thing is that I may have cued this up at the wrong speed, but we'll find out together shall we?')
(JP: 'Well as you know dearly beloved, pride goes before a fall. I got the record on and got it on at the right speed but unfortunately it was the wrong track...')
(JP: 'Tonight's musical odyssey takes us from Prague to Guinea. That's the kind of thing they say at the start of "Pick Of The Week", I just thought I'd drop that in in case you never listen to Radio 4.')

File 1 ends File 2 begins

File c ends
File d begins

(JP: 'I almost had for you tonight - I thought I had for you - the new New Order record, because I was down in Broadcasting House reception and I saw an envelope behind the desk which said, "acetates of new New Order record". So I went over and had a closer look and they were addressed to Pete Tong. And he didn't even play them to you! But there you are, old loyalties you know, they count for nothing really do they in these competitive times?')
(JP: 'This is another record that I came across whilst searching for that Little Richard cover version. It's on Marmaduke records and their corporate logo is "Turn me on" - Hmmm!')
(JP: 'And we've got this far without my saying "Slowcore" once.')

File 2 ends

  • (news at 2.00)

File d ends


  • a) Peel19930226 Codeine & Ecstasy of STa
  • b) Peel19930226 Codeine & Ecstasy of STb
  • c) Peel19930226 Codeine & Ecstasy of STc
  • d) Peel19930226 Codeine & Ecstasy of STd
  • 1) 1993-02-26 Peel Show L371 L410.mp3
  • 2) 1993-02-26 John Peel BBC Radio 1 (incomplete) L323
  • 3) 1993-02-26 Peel Show LE691
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