• 2004-02-26
  • Programme comes from Peel Acres on a cold night in a snowy East Anglia. Peel blames the cold on his inability to speak properly. JP: "The walls in this house are very thin and it's like being in intense cold in a garden shed."
  • Peel opens the programme by thanking Steven Gerrard and Harry Kewell. That evening, Liverpool had played Levski Sofia in the third round of the UEFA Cup (first leg) and had won 2-0 thanks to second-half goals from the players mentioned (BBC report).
  • There is an event on Sunday night at 333 in Shoreditch in London, featuring Cursor Miner and a DJ set by 'the Wing Ding Sound System', which is the programme production team of Hermeet, Mark and producer Louise.
  • Ted Chippington has emailed the programme. Peel says that if it wasn't so cold and snowing he would send Sheila out to the shed to find one of his records to play in celebration.



Content disclaimer read by Kenny from Camera Obscura.
JP: "I have to tell you that Peel Acres is not a warm house. But the show will go on."
JP: "And in case you're wondering what's coming up after the midnight news, well let me tell you again. I'll read this as I read it out last night: On the 6th of April 1994, Kurt Cobain committed suicide, he was 27 years old. A media frenzy ensued. Less than six weeks earlier, at 12:20 on the 26th of February, Bill Hicks died of pancreatic cancer with his parents by his bedside. The laminated memorial-card Mrs. Hicks handed out to his friends said that he was 32 years, 2 month and 10 days old. His death went largely unreported. Tonight's 'One World' presents 'Kurt and Bill', 2 hours of purely and simply to the music of Kurt Cobain and the comedy of Bill Hicks. I should be listening to that in bed after this programme and I hope you will as well - not in our bed, obviously, but in your own." [1]
Starts playing Slim Harpo track again (Wrong Track Moment).
JP: "Thanks again to Steven Gerrard and Harry Kewell for enabling me to look people in the eye for a day or two."


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  • Many thanks to B
  1. Bill Hicks and Kurt Cobain BBC Radio 1 Tribute 26.02.2004
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