• Glastonbury 1999: John Peel and Mary Anne Hobbs
  • 1999-06-26
  • Glastonbury show presented by John Peel and Mary Anne Hobbs.
  • Peel mentions when he went to music festivals in the 60's, many times he didn't get paid and there were very few facilities and no security.
  • Mary Anne Hobbs mentions that Peel has lost his trousers at Glastonbury and describes his legs like 'dough'.


  • Live sets from different artists at Glastonbury


(Glastonbury '99 trailer)
(JP: 'I think when the Peelenium gets to 1967, that's going to be one of the records that won't have space for, but it is one of the great pop singles I think') [1]
  • Herbaliser: Ginger Jumps The Fence (Performance at Glastonbury)

Super Furry Animals: Live Set

  1. God! Show Me Magic
  2. The Turning Tide
  3. Play It Cool
  4. Some Things Come From Nothing
(Peel chats to Mary Anne Hobbs)
(JP: 'The Reverend Al Green and he's on the main stage at 3.20 tomorrow afternoon here at Glastonbury and it will be wonderful to be able to play some of his stuff on one of my programmes or your programmes or somewhere on the radio station next week, but alas we were not able to gain permission from his people to do that, whether Al knows this or not, probably who knows')
  • Salako: The Bird And The Bag (7") Jeepster
(Peel chats to Mary Anne Hobbs)

R.E.M.: Live Set

  1. Daysleeper
  2. The One I Love
  3. At My Most Beautiful
  4. Losing My Religion
  5. Everybody Hurts
  6. Walk Unafraid
  7. Finest Worksong
  8. Man On The Moon
(Peel chats to Mary Anne Hobbs)
(Spectators views of Glastonbury)
(Peel chats to Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai and Mary Anne Hobbs)
(Peel chats to Mary Anne Hobbs)

Underworld: Live Set

  1. Dark & Long ('Ride The Train')
  2. King Of Snake
  3. Born Slippy
(Peel chats to Mary Anne Hobbs)
(Peel chats to Mary Anne Hobbs)
(Glastonbury staff and spectators views of the festival)
  • Dawn Of The Replicants: Science Fiction Freak (7") EastWest (played briefly before Peel introduces Manic Street Preachers)

Manic Street Preachers: Live Set

  1. Everything Must Go
  2. You're Tender And You're Tired
  3. No Surface All Feeling
  4. Motorcycle Emptiness
  5. Prologue To History
  6. Motown Junk


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  • 3:00:57
  1. In fact, Peel turned out to be right, as the track didn't make it to his Peelenium 1967.