• 1993-03-26
  • The first file contains the last 21 minutes of Tommy Vance's penultimate Friday Rock Show, in which his successor Claire Sturgess is introduced, and the first 18 minutes of the subsequent Peel show


  • Skyscraper, one and only session. Recorded 1993-02-14. No known commercial release.
  • Bandulu, #1 (rpt). Recorded 1992-11-11. No known commercial release.


File 1: begins

(JP: "And how nice to see so many of my bands creeping into your programme. Perhaps it'll be the turn of The Fall next, I look forward to that.") [1]

File a begins

  • Fall: "Why Are People Grudgeful?" (single)
(JP: "And last Sunday night it was that Andy Kershaw and myself and a gang of other people including the Pig went along to Subterrania to see Diblo Dibala and Matchatcha... If I was to make a list of the ten best gigs that I have ever been to in my entire life, that would most assuredly be amongst them.")
(The Little Richard cover version has been found and will be played tomorrow night, but during the search Peel found ...)

File 1 ends near start of above track, at around 11:18pm

File 2 begins

(end of 11:30 news)
  • Hole: "Beautiful Son" (JP: "just a few minutes behind The Word, as usual")
  • Bandulu: "Song" (session track)

File a ends File b begins

(JP: "A week or so ago I played you a track from a 7" EP by some people from Ohio called Guided By Voices and mentioned then that they'd had five LPs apparently released previously and someone was good enough to send me one of them. On Rockathon Records its called 'Propeller' and the titles as is quite often the case with these sort of things don't really marry up exactly with the number of tracks that there are on the record itself, but this could be "Mesh Gear Fox."")

1991 Phantom 50
  • #28 70 Gwen Party: "Autokiller UK" (which "will bring great pleasure to our William, if he's listening...")

File 2 ends

File 4 begins

File 4 ends

File b ends & File c starts

File c ends at end of show

Tracks marked 3 available on File 3

Thanks to Tim for the handwritten playlist.


  • 1) TVance_JPeel_26_03_93.mp3
  • 2) JPeel_26_03_93.mp3
  • a) 1993-03-26 Peel Show L412.mp3
  • b) 1993-03-26 Peel Show L372
  • c) L344a.mp3 / L344a.wav
  • 3) best of peel vol 58 part 2 (with introductions)
  • 4) John Peel 1993
  • 1) 00:40:00 (from 00:22:00)
  • 2) 00:39:57
  • a) 00:41:44
  • b) 01:28:53
  • c) 00:43:16
  • 3) 00:47:00 (37:50-41:04) (37:50-39:23 unique)
  • 4) 00:47:54
  1. Hardly likely as Vance was off to Virgin Radio.
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