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  • 1990-05-26


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(JP: 'Hello again, dearly beloved, John Peel's Music On BFBS: lots of invigorating sounds from your new bands, loads of thoroughly decent new bands as well. Remember Cockney Rebel, do you? Steve Harley? 'Course you do.')
(JP: 'I've often thought actually, going to another planet would not be unattractive. I'd miss the football, and Eastern European beer, which I have a bit of an appetite for, and the new releases, but apart from that, I don't think there's a great deal to keep me here, except of course you'd get there and there'd be somebody'd come up and say, "Hi, I'm Norman, I'm Capricorn," and you'd think, "Oh boy. I've got it wrong again."')

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(JP: 'I'd like to pretend that the reason I've got a sore throat is because last weekend I took 12 people including my daughter Florence, who's eight, and a gang of her mates to see Kylie Minogue at Wembley Arena, and we had really good seats right in front of the stage: you could see everything that was going on, really excellent stuff. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed it: desperately and profoundly unhip, but I'm like that anyway, I'm fairly unhip meself. The thing is that you find all the singles and so on, which you affect to dislike intensely, you find yourself kind of humming along with them and actually quite liking them. Afterwards we'd been invited to a kind of private party, because it was the last night of the European leg of the tour. They very kindly said that I could take all of these people with me, so there were like a dozen of us. We went up this staircase into this rather smart bar...we were sitting there for quite a long time, it was about 11.30 and they were getting a bit tired, you know, so heads were drooping down onto the tables and stuff like this, and I thought, I've got to do something about this. So I went and found Kylie's manager and said, you know, "Is she here?", "Oh yeah, she's right down the other end of the room," so I went down there and said to her, "Look, you won't remember me, but we have actually met once before, but you must meet lots of portly blokes with beards, so I'm not offended if you don't remember me. I've got like a gang of children down the other end of the room, and is it possible that you could just come and say hello to them?" She very kindly said, "Of course, yeah," we went down to the other end of the room and she said hello to them. Of course, they were considerably made up by this and it made me a great hero: for years now, I shall be able to get them to do exactly what I want them to do. But then on the way out, Flossie said to me, "Did you enjoy it, daddy?", and I said, "Well, I really did, to be honest. Yes, I'd much rather have gone to see the Kylie Minogue concert than gone to see say Tom Waits or Bruce Springsteen," and she said, "Who are they, daddy?" That's my girl!')

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  • a) Peel 145
  • b) Peel 148
  • c) Peel 146
  • a) 00:43:50 from 00:02:47 to end
  • b) 00:47:27 from 00:41:46 to end
  • c) 00:47:27 from start to 00:31:21
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