• 1991-05-26
  • A rare appearances in Peel playlists by pseudonymous white country bluesman Backwards Sam Firk (real name Michael Stewart [1943-2007]), one of the circle of collectors of rare country blues records which also included John Fahey, Canned Heat's Al Wilson and Yazoo Records' Nick Perls.
  • Also a song from Rodgers and Hammerstein's "The Sound Of Music" in a version by actress Patricia Routledge, following a track by Mrs Miller.
  • Author David Cavanagh holds up Peel's programming of this show as an example of the DJ close to his eclectic best, displaying “a form of erudite, neo-anarchic, abstract expressionist fearlessness that no other person on British music radio before or since could have begun to imagine how to emulate”, with a run of playlist choices that also includes the Wedding Present, Humblebums, a dancehall cover of Carly Simon, accordionist Jimmy Shand and 11 noisecore tracks from the first Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! compilation that last a total of 15 seconds. (Good Night And Good Riddance, Faber & Faber, 2015, pg 11.)



File a

File b

  • Levellers 5: Title not announced (?)
  • Mrs Miller: 'Chim Chim Cherie' (LP 'Mrs Millers Greatest Hits')
  • Patricia Routledge: 'Climb Ev'ry Mountain (LP - The Sound Of Music)' Woman Privilege
  • The Orchids: 'Bringing You The Love' (LP 'Unholy Soul') Sarah
  • Echo Minott: 'Article Don' (12" Single) Two Friends
  • 70 Gwen Party: 'Hiding In The Wall' (Peel Session)
  • Pete Wylie & Wah! The Mongrel: 'Don't Lose Your Dreams (Excerpt From A Teenage Opera Part 154) Seamless' (12" Single) Siren
  • Transglobal Underground: 'Temple Head (Burundi Beat Mix)' (12") Nation NR0008T
  • God's Eye: 'Back Again' (7" Single) 20/20
  • 7 Minutes Of Nausea: 'SDI Theory/Rights Inherent/Destruction Is On/Fuck To No Justify/Carcass Pulp/Grind Infect/Heavy Satan/Lorro Morte/Blood On The World/What I Feel/Stoked' (7" Single 'Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!') Slap A Ham (JP: "The eleven tracks pass by in 15 seconds ... see what you make of this")
  • Balou Kanta: Title not announced (?)
  • The Avengers: 'We Are The One' (v/a LP - 'Danger House Volume 1') Frontier
  • The Scientists: 'Spiral Symphony' (12" Single) Kicking (continues after tape flip on both recordings)

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  • Peel19910526 70GwenParty & The Fall a-d
  • e) John Peel 19910526 - 128 kbps Part 1.mp3
  • f) John Peel 19910526 - 128 kbps Part 2.mp3
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  • d) 0:41:53
  • e) 1:34:51
  • f) 1:31:30
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