• 1987-10-26
  • Not a conventional opening to the show: in lieu of the usual Grinderswitch sig, we get a snatch of Robb Wilton segued into the first track, which John dubs "the exclusive Mixmaster J. Peel/Robb Wilton mix."
  • John mentions seeing McCarthy in Portlands (near Broadcasting House) the previous Thursday (22nd), "and very good they were too. I recommend them to you."
  • JP regales us with a tale of his attending an award ceremony where he presented a platinum disc to Premi.


  • Bogshed, #5. Recorded 1987-10-18. No known commercial release.


(JP: 'Has to be listened to really, to be perfectly honest with you, on I think it was Bruno Brookes level. I say that because whenever I come into the studio after Bruno, he's always got everything turned up so loud that when I put my cans in there it really hurts. I simply do not understand how he can listen to things as loud as he does. Seems to have blown his brains out.')
(JP: 'What happens on a Monday you see is that Walters and I discuss records, and I give him the titles and things like this over the phone, he writes them down and hands them to Janice, our secretary, and during this sort of Chinese Whispers process, "Bang" has turned into "Barry." So that was Barry by the Heart Throbs.')
(JP: 'Earlier today, I was speaking to somebody from Holland, from a magazine in Amsterdam, who phoned me up to ask me to list my ten favourite LPs of all time....I had to choose amongst other things a favourite Fall LP, and this was particularly agonising: took up most of my morning as you might imagine. But eventually I settled for...')
(JP: 'I bet they don't wash after meals and wash between their toes.')
  • Bogshed: 'Duck Fight / US Bands / Wally Wallah' (Peel Session)
(JP: 'This is for the Pig, whose birthday it is in something like four minutes' time.')


  • 1) Peel Show 1987-10-26
  • 2) John Peel 26th Oct 1987
  • 3) John Peel 26th October 1987 Bogshed
  • 1) 1:59:06
  • 2) 1:35:09
  • 3) 2:01:36
  • 1) Many thanks to the original taper.
  • 2) Many thanks to Tim.
  • 3) Many thanks to JcAnsell
  1. A Dead Kennedys cover. Lebowitz, surprisingly, is a pianist.
  2. One track, not two, as John thinks.
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