• 1979-09-26
  • Peel notes that the Mekons' first single on Virgin was recorded on his birthday.
  • Plays the first side of the Ruts LP (and plans to play the rest on Monday). Says he will take the LP to play at his gigs at the weekend – Saturday at Harpole with Crass, the Adicts and the Coil; and Sunday at Wooliston, Northants, with Zoom Club (‘working for Big Bob again’).
  • The Derby Box tape sounds like it had problems while it was being recorded, in that there are regular speedups in the sound at one stage (corresponding to slow-downs when being recorded). This was apparent in both the first rip and the re-rip (which I was doing for certain Memorex tapes with weak pressure pads)


  • Elti Fits #1 First broadcast of only session. Recorded 1979-09-04.
    • No known commercial release.
  • Gary Numan #2 Repeat. First broadcast 25 June 1979. Recorded 1979-05-29.
    • Gary Numan recorded a previous Peel session as Tubeway Army. All his sessions are available on Complete John Peel Peel Sessions (CD, Maida Vale, 2007).
    • Ken Garner gives the first track played on the recording here as ‘Airplane’, rather than ‘Airlane” as suggested by the track listing of Numan’s first solo LP and the sessions compilation, as well as by Peel in the show.



  • 1) 155-790925-6-7.mp3
  • 2) John Peel 1979-09-26 (incomplete).mp3
  • 3) 1979-09-26 John Peel Radio 1 DB114+DB115.mp3
  • 4) 1979-09-26 Peel Show DB114 DB115 v2.mp3
  • 1) 01:04:23 (16:27 to 57:09, file continues with 27 September 1979)
  • 2) 00:40:37
  • 3) 01:59:56
  • 4) 01:59:05
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