• 1992-09-26
  • File 1 is of the first half-hour of this show, up to the 11.30 pm news.
  • The second recording is of 46 minutes of a three-hour programme, but including the session by Dr. Devious, which is one track long. Peel referred to it in the previous night's programme as '19 minutes of mayhem' and in this programme as "18 and three-quarter minutes of uproar". The session is unfortunately split across two files with some overlap.


  • Dr Devious, one and only session. Recorded 1992-09-06. No known commercial release.
  • Klezmatics, one and only session (rpt). Recorded 1992-07-14. No known commercial release.


File C1 begins towards the end of Kershaw's show

File 1 begins at start of programme. File a contains 29 minutes of Andy's show and continues here...

(Andy Kershaw: 'BBC1 FM, it's 11 o'clock. 25 years of Radio 1, 25 glorious years of John Peel.')
(JP: 'That's very decent of you, Andy - this is Therapy?')
(JP: 'If any members of the band are listening, thanks for the Validaire Comrades Football Club T-shirt, as soon as I've had the liposuction I'll be able to fit into it ... I had a phone call this afternoon from Blackburn, or some place where there's a decent football team, you get to see plenty of goals at Anfield though, don't you, wrong team scores them, mind you, but there's still plenty of goals.')
  • Elmore James: "Stranger Blues" (CD - 'Standing at the Crossroads' on Charley Records)
(JP: 'Apart from a brief conversation with Alan Freeman this afternoon, you're the first people I've spoken to all day ... (walking down Regent Street) the driver of a passing bus was shouting 'Trumans Water, Trumans Water, and leaping up and down in his seat and getting very excited ... and he made my day to be honest, so sir, if you're listening, here's one for you.')

File a ends and File b begins

(JP: 'Because I'm feeling generous, that's for all drivers of 94 buses, wherever they may be.')
  • Klezmatics: Tartar/Terkish Yale Veyve Tamts (Peel Session)
(JP: 'Well, that had me tapping my toe in a more than carefree manner ... I've just discovered a quote from Steven Wells about Therapy?, 'Buttocks like peaches, pelvi like Black & Decker hammer drills, and fingertips like gossamer tendrils of angel breath': that's exactly what I was thinking.')
(JP: 'Astralasia and that's their contribution to the LP "Shamanarchy In The UK" on Evolution Records, "Squatter In The House" is the name of it - and I mentioned last night that I spent the beginning of last week up in Anglesey, well ... I mean "up" from where I am in Ipswich or thereabouts, Stowmarket, and - really just going back to the place where I had served my ... done my National Service, you know, as a soldier of the Queen, so you could sleep easier in your beds, I suppose more accurately at the time, so your parents could sleep more easily in their beds. And while I was there I bumped into a lad who asked me to play something for everyone in 144 SU at Ty Croes Camp. He wanted to hear "The Wild Swans", well why not? This is "Revolutionary Spirit" of course.')
  • (The programme referred to is Snapshots and was broadcast on 13th January 1993 - and it includes an edited version of the above link over the closing titles)
  • Wild Swans: "Revolutionary Spirit"
  • Where's the Beach?: "Sex Slave Zombie" (Mantra Records)
  • 11.32 pm news

File 1 ends

File C1 ends, file C2 begins

File b ends, file c begins

File C2 ends 6 minutes into next track and File C3 follows on

  • Dr Devious: 'Return To Cyberspace' (Peel Session)

File c ends 40 seconds from the end of the above track: file d follows on

(JP: 'Folks are certainly painting on a broad canvas these days....And if Mrs. Ravenscroft is still awake and listening to the programme, she's going to find this most interesting. The Wedding Present tackle...Lonnie Donegan?')

Files d and C3 end, file e begins

File e includes end of show


  • File 1 - JPeel_26_09_92
  • File a - L230b.mp3
  • File b - 1992-09-26 Peel Show L167
  • File c - 1992-09-26 Peel Show L164a
  • File d - 1992-09-26 JP L275
  • File e - 1992-09-26 Peel Show L164b
  • File C1 - CB107 JP 1992-09-26 Side A
  • File C2 - CB107 JP 1992-09-26 Side B
  • File C3 - Peel Show 1992-09-26
  • File 1 - 00:33:27
  • File a - 00:36:25 (from 00:29:12)
  • File b - 00:45:18
  • File c - 00:46:51
  • File d - 00:33:20
  • File e - 00:42:35
  • File C1 - 00:47:11
  • File C2 - 00:47:15
  • File C3 - 00:46:28
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