• 2004-07-27
  • This is the first show in the new slot of 11 pm - 1 am.
  • Peel's headphones had been stolen from the studio again.
  • John had driven into London earlier in the evening listening to new CDs. The Dawg E Slaughter track was the best he heard, so was added to the show's running order.
  • There is a competition in the chat room to win copies of an LP by Fixit Kid - although no winners are announced.
  • A problem with the turntable results in the Cornershop track only coming through one channel.
  • Peel had brought the Marco Carola record with him back from the Sonar festival.
  • John mentions having recently written about the 1975 Radio One 'Fun Day' at Mallory Park for his autobiography.
  • Peel had visited a record fair in Bury St Edmunds over the weekend but hadn't bought anything, "which is very unusual for me."
  • Introducing the Electro Hippies: "I was looking for something else in the shed at home over the weekend and came across this, and thought you might like a reminder of it. And for those of you who have not heard the record before, obviously you may find this quite entertaining, but then again you may not. It was billed, it was released and billed, as the shortest record ever made. And it's by the Electro Hippies on Strange Fruit Records, and I can't remember what the title of it is. Hold on a second, I've got it down here somewhere. "Mega-Armageddon Death" is the full title, and the title considerably longer than the track itself. The track goes like this..." The single would later turn up in John Peel's Record Box.



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