• 1970-06-27
  • Volume 1 of the Decktician Logs only lists the session artists for this show. Many thanks to Ken Garner for providing the information below and Rocker for acting as central HQ.
  • Peel thinks there won’t be many listeners to this programme as most will have gone to Bath (for the "Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music" held that weekend). After playing the Jefferson Airplane live track, he says he’s looking forward to seeing them there tomorrow. 
  • Peel plays two tracks from the John Peel's Archive Things LP and mentions that Kenny Everett played "bits of it" on his show that morning..  
  • A track each from two of 1970's most successful LPs - the Woodstock film soundtrack triple album and the Rolling Stones' Get Yer Ya-Yas Out! - and tracks from two limited-edition obscurities - Country Joe & The Fish's 1966 EP for the Berkeley label Rag Baby, and Happy Birthday, an LP dedicated to Pete Townshend’s guru Meher Baba (on which Ronnie Lane and Ron Geesin also appear).  
  • Before the sequence of Nucleus session tracks at the mid-point of the show, Peel says they are “with their lead singer Eddie Lee Beppeaux” – but they didn’t have a singer. All the tracks were instrumentals. (ELB apparently also appears "on tubular bells" on the High Tide and Steeleye Span tracks in the final half hour of the show, according to JP - was Mike Oldfield listening?)   




  • J P Top Gear 27 June 1970.mp3
  • 1:53:12
  • Many thanks to the original taper, and to Tim for purchasing from eBay and digitisation.
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