• 1988-06-27



(JP: 'Of course when his records were regularly in the charts I never played them, a form of snobbery I suppose I'm afraid, that's Gary Glitter Joins The J.A.M.S. and good stuff it is too and the end of last week, it was Thursday night, I went and see Wet Wet Wet playing at the Alexandra Palace in London and it was interesting from my point of view, when I went in there I found myself to my considerable alarm actually sitting right in the middle front row. I moved back in the second row and of slightly to the left wing before the end of it, but that's where I started out and people came rushing over. The first group of people came over to discuss with me the work of The Smiths actually but then obviously some other people came rushing over after this, asked me for my autograph, which was quite flattering really, sit there, you know even at a Wet Wet Wet gig people want my autograph, so I signed it a few times and more of them came over and I signed a few more and they all disappeared again and one of them came back after about 5 minutes and I thought she wants my autograph for a friend that sort of thing, can you do it for Debbie, that kind of stuff, and she said we got your autograph, but can you tell us who you are!, so that keeps you humble')
(JP: 'Mahotella Queens from 1976, that’s called Isidwaba or isn't, ha ha ha ha, a little Radio One style joke for you') £
(JP: 'Tall, dark and handsome, no no not me, but this ensemble')

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