• 1979-03-27
  • Show is broadcast from Leeds on day two of 'Radio 1 in Yorkshire' week.
  • Peel has picked up a cold in Yorkshire.
  • Earlier in the day, Peel had been down the Prince of Wales colliery in Pontefract with Simon Bates, "as a kind of trial run for Simon Bates programme on Friday." He says that he can't adequately put the experience into words. "I'll tell you this, you wouldn't get me working down one for 500 quid a week."
  • The Fut single is a John Lennon pastiche, originally issued in 1970. It features Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees.
  • Just Frank are a local band who had delivered a copy of their single to Peel at his hotel earlier that evening.


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File begins at start of show.
JP: "I'm not entirely sure that I like it here in Leeds, to be perfectly frank with you. Just now, three young women came into the studio and they were hoping to see Simon Bates. Can't imagine why.... Then earlier on I was wandering around the corridors of the hotel and a couple of young women rushed excitedly up to me and told me they wanted to see Noel Edmunds and they'd got a bottle of wine for him. But, being foolish young women, they gave me the bottle of wine to give to him. And that's one bottle of wine that Noel's not going to get, I can tell you that."
JP: "This is an oldie but goodie from Peter Tosh, to show you that he did make good records once, anyway."
End of show.


  • 1979-03-27 John Peel Radio 1 DB061+DB062.mp3
  • 2:01:57
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