• 2003-05-27
  • The Autechre mix was recorded at All Tomorrow's Parties.
  • Producer Louise Kattenhorn is on holiday.
  • There are a few fluffs in the programme which Peel puts down to people altering the settings on the studio desk during the day. JP: "You come in, and the thing that you usually play records on has been reprogrammed to tell you what the mean annual rainfall in Mysore is - which is jolly nice to know, but at the same time I'd sooner it played records."
  • The subject of football proves to be a sore point: "It's been such an unspeakably crap season. Every single important result has gone the wrong way in the last couple of months, really has. So this is a strictly non-football programme until the season starts again."
  • The 2003 Eurovision Song Contest had taken place over the weekend. Turkey were the narrow winners. John and The Pig had watched it at home. JP: "I was really pleased that the Turkish entry won because it did have something in it that was... it was rubbish really as they all are, but there was something in there that was identifiably Turkish."
  • John complains that there is nowhere for him and the team to go to in Central London to have a drink after finishing the programme.
  • He also comments that the Rocket Science track reminds him of Teenage Kicks in places.
  • Andrew Morrison of Portsmouth, later the creator of offensive content warnings for the Peel Show, is amongst several listeners whose emails are read out.
  • It is mentioned that Mos Eisley were amongst the audience the previous week for the Mogwai performance at Maida Vale on 21 May 2003.



John presses a button but doesn't get the track he wanted (Wrong Track Moment).
Announces the Pig's Big 78 but gets a jingle instead. After quite some fiddling in an attempt to get output from the minidisc, Peel then starts the wrong track from it (Wrong Track Moment).


  • John_Peel_20030527.mp3
  • 2:00:30
  • Many thanks to B!
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