• 1978-11-27
  • Peel publicly apologises for his disgraceful behaviour at a Magazine gig, including walking across a table where 12 people were trying to have a meal, and makes penance in rare fashion by playing a request.
  • He plays three tracks from Japan's second album "Obscure Alternatives", revealing a very different band from the one that hit the charts with 'Ghosts' some four years later.
  • John also reveals Timmy Bannockburn's record of the week, the Village People's 'Y.M.C.A', "which frankly has to be heard to be believed: I'm most amazed that he chose that, but try and hear it yourself if you get the chance." Of course, it climbed to number 1 in January 1979 after being kept off the top by Boney M at Christmas: only in Galactic Symposium's version would it gain airplay on Peel.



(JP: 'If you were listening to Peter Powell's programme on Saturday on Radio 1, and I have no doubt at all that you were enjoying the excellent reception to be found on 275 and/or 285, you'll have heard me phoning in from the M6 with a motoring flash, actually, because the driving conditions were so appalling: sleet and snow and all that kind of thing.')
(JP: 'Is Richard going to let Christine and George Barford marry in church? I dunno.') [2]

end of show


  • 1978-11-27 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete) DB028 + DB029
  • 01:51:32
  1. Peel initially says it's from the album 'Stage' but afterwards says what track are on the B-side.
  2. A reference to Radio 4's The Archers. Interested parties should be glad to know that they did indeed marry the following year, and remained together for 25 years.
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