• 1979-11-27
  • In the show: three tracks apiece from the debut albums by Adam & The Ants and the Mekons.
  • Peel explains at some length the reason behind the title of the Mekons LP. The story involves a large quantity of monkeys and typewriters.
  • He declares the debut single from Delta 5 (which only arrived in the office that afternoon) to be his new favourite record, although he does state that it currently vies with the debut Beat single for the title of "most wonderful record in the world at least for this week".
  • The old Cleveland Crochet single later turned up in John Peel's Record Box.


  • Spizz Energi #2. First broadcast. Recorded 1979-11-13. No known commercial release.


JP: "That's called 'Saturday's Kids'. And where do Saturday's kids go? Why, they go to Saturday night functions..."
JP: "And after I Love Paris it seems only reasonable that we should return home. Do you think that's fair? To London and 'London Calling'. The Clash.."
JP: "While it was going on, Reidy told me what he thinks it means. Filthy brute!"
JP: "Can't get enough of 'em! I heard that the other day on the radio on one of my own programmes, pre-recorded for the BBC World Service as I was driving home. And it sounded great coming out of the radio, I must say."
JP: "The main reason for playing it is cos it gives me an opportunity to play some Louisiana music. This contains one of my all-time favourite guitar solos and very nearly made my birthday 40 back in August. A record that if Mike Read is still listening to the programme he ought to know about."


  • 1) John Peel 1979-11-27.mp3
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  • 3) 1979-11-27 Peel Show DB131 DB132 v2.mp3
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