• 1993-11-27
  • The programme includes two "Pop Star" football reports.
  • John reminds listeners that Festive Fifty entries need to be in by the end of the next week.



(JP: Here we are five minutes into the programme and nothing by The Fall. So let’s set that to rights.’)
(JP: ‘...coming up now from a session I’ve been looking forward to for several months.. the Palace Brothers.’)
(JP: 'This is one of the vocal tour de forces of our time.’)
(Pop star match report – Tim McVay from the Family Cat: Wimbledon V Everton)
(5:30 News)
(JP: ‘What a great record that is.’)
  • Fire Of Ork: ‘Fires Of Ork II (CD – Fires Of Auk)’ (Apollo) @
  • Madder Rose: ‘True Religion’ (Peel Session)
  • Elevate: ‘Shows How Halo (10 inch – Magic Spill)’ (The Flower Shop Recordings)
  • Crowsdell: ‘Trunk (2x7 inch - Meany)’ (Jettison Records)
  • Centry: ‘Long Long Time (Dub) () (Conscious Sounds) @ Not from the v/a 12" listed on Discogs. Was released in 1999 on a Conscious Sounds v/a album. Was rereleased under Bush Chemists Ft King General in the 2000s.
(Pop star match report - Graham Lambert from the Inspiral Carpets: Oldham v Norwich)
(JP: ‘Will Oldham writes the songs. He has this gift of making them all sound as though they were all set to Southern Baptist hymn tunes.’)
(JP: 'Although if you’re under say 20 some of their cultural references might be slightly before your time. You might, for example, not know who Medicine Head are or were. Well they recorded several records for Dandelion Records. Which is a label that I used to involved with millions of years ago. This was their very first single, back from 1969, and was recorded for all of 18 shillings in a kitchen somewhere I think, and it still sounds wonderful. I still believe that.’)
(6:30 news)

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