• 2001-11-27
  • Start of show: “Boogie Chillun!”
  • An organised voting campaign has been spotted by those counting the Festive 50. JP warns against such things, saying that all votes for the band in question will be cancelled.
  • Says a Kinks track from an old compilation, but can’t remember why he put it in the show. The old Marvin Gaye song played in honour of the evening’s session guests (from Detroit) is also from an old album, liberated back in the 60s from a radio station in San Bernadino, California, and therefore close to Peel’s heart.
  • Tonight’s Pig's Big 78 came from a listener in Newcastle, who sent it to Peel through the post along with the rest of his 78s. Unfortunately, around a third of the records broke during transportation.
  • One lucky listener gets his chemistry homework done for him.
  • Peel has just heard the news about Robbie Fowler (leaving Liverpool for Leeds): “How am I going to live with that!”


  • Dirtbombs #1 Live from Maida Vale. No known commercial release.


First email of the night: Just caught a programme on TV featuring your dulcet tones and was wondering whether you managed to keep a straight face whilst saying 'but dog and cat pooh is no laughing matter'. JP: Well, I did as a matter of fact... because what happens is you sit in a basement somewhere in Soho and a green light comes on and you just read from a script that you've been given. It's not as though I wrote the scripts myself, and you don't really have time to look at the picture as well as it is happening. So when the programme goes out it is often quite interesting to me as well. But I did say that - and anyway, let's move on.

  1. Chains Of Love
  2. Motor City Baby
  3. Ode To A Blackman
  1. Granny's Little Chicken / Stuck Under My Shoe
  2. Can't Stop Thinking About It
  3. Kung Fu
  1. Shake Shivaree
  2. Want You, Need You


  • John Peel 27-11-01.mp3
  • 2.01.11
  • Many thanks to those responsible for sharing this show.
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