• 1990-10-27
  • Peel mentions seeing the Fall last night at the Waterfront in Norwich with the Pig and son William and mentions it is the Pig's birthday. He thought their performance was very good and may go to the Waterfront again on Monday night to see Nirvana and L7 play, which he finally did.
  • Peel pays tribute to Jo-Ann Kelly by playing her song, who died this week. He mentioned that she slept at Peel Acres in Tom's bedroom about four years ago after a gig and says that his son was not in the room at that time.
  • Peel plays a record from Cathy Gilliat who sings in English and Japanese. After the record he then plays Japan's S.O.B.'s session tracks.
  • Peel mentions that his son William and his friends are making a horror film.
  • Peel mentions that Ken Garner rang him to say he is listening to the programme.
  • File 1 has tracks with intros taken from Best Of Peel Vol 15 by Peel Mailing List user parkermike81.


  • S.O.B. only session, recorded 11th October 1990. Unofficial release on 7 inch. The final two tracks appear on this release but are unlisted in The Peel Sessions (Garner, K., BBC Books, 2007).
  • Les Tetes Brulees only session, recorded 16th October 1990.


(Peel advertises listeners to vote in the Festive Fifty and says that girls at a girl's school will be counting the Festive Fifty via a computer)

Tracks marked # are available on File 1.

Tracks marked & are available on File 3.


  • 1) best of peel vol 15 (with introductions) part2
  • 2) 020A-B7464XXXXXXX-0100A0.mp3
  • 3) 1990-10-xx-11-xx Peel Show LE087
  • 1) 0:45:23 (0:18:12 to 0:44:07)
  • 2) 3:00:43
  • 3) 1:36:35 (0:29:29 - 0:38:30, 0:55:23 - 1:31:40)
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