• 1991-10-27
  • Andy Kershaw: "That's your lot from me tonight, thanks for listening, John."
  • JP: "We're going to carry right along raising a ruckus on 1FM."


  • Paris Angels, #2. Recorded 1991-09-10. No known commercial release.
  • Moody Boys & Screamer, one and only session (rpt). Recorded 1991-07-02. No known commercial release.


Non-dance edit

File a L035 starts

File a L035 ends
File b starts

File b ends

File c starts

File c ends
File a L035 starts

(JP (reading from a Southern Records press release): '"For years now, Crust have been one of the most challenging bands in Texas" (I can believe that), "banging on drums, electric door springs and samplers. They've consistently drawn the attention of the arbiters of moral decency. At a recent show, when John's adult diaper fell down, a diaper that he'd previously pulled live worms out of, the police were prepared to cart him off to jail for indecency, but backstage they were dismayed when John courteously displayed his duct tape covered genitalia, legally keeping him within the local moral limits." Well, that's nice to know, but nevertheless, I think I shall withdraw the invitation to them to come along to a wine and cheese party in our village to raise funds for the church roof.')
(JP: 'To end the programme tonight, one of the great records of all time.')

File a L035 and programme end

  • § also on file d

Dance Edit

File e starts the first two tracks most likely to be from the Andy Kershaw show. The last two are unedited and may be from a previous use of the tape and therefore not from this show.....

File e ends

File f starts


  • a) 1992-10-27 John Peel BBC Radio 1 (incomplete) L035 & L028~ (NB Note incorrect date)
  • b) L043.1
  • c) L043.2
  • d) L052.2 (Note L052 is a copy of L035)
  • e) L054.1
  • f) L054.2
  • a) 00:50:05
  • b) 00:45:05 (from 00:33:44)
  • c) 00:45:10
  • d) 44:54 (from 38:58 to 40:54)
  • e) 46:16
  • f) 43:37
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