• 1987-04-28
  • The first three tracks on the show ended up in the 1987 Festive Fifty.
  • Peel mentions that for the first time ever John Walters weighs less than him and feels that he has to do something about it like lose two stones overnight!
  • Peel mentions knowing all the words of Lion Rock By Culture, whilst listening to it while driving around Scandinavia last week.
  • Peel plays a record from Culturcide called Bruce, who do a parody karaoke version of Bruce Springsteen's Dancing In The Dark, that was given to him by a German friend named Lothur, who was travelling with JP and his family whilst driving in mainland Europe.
  • Peel appeals to listeners for some Smash Hits stickers to complete his collection.
  • Peel mentions that the best football book he has read is the latest one from Steve Redhead called Sing When You're Winning.
  • Peel plays the full track of the Lebanese Dabke Orchestra after he didn't have the time on yesterday's show to play it fully.



(JP: 'Just having a look through the new Top 40 to see where that is, and it isn't anywhere.[1] It's rather shocking, you certainly buying terrible records I don't know. That Petrol Emotion and Big Decision. This is the Cookie Crew and how pleasant to hear them in session in Janice's programme last night')
(JP: 'And now this is the highest new entry in the charts')
(JP: 'Jesus And Mary Chain, number 19 in the charts this week with April Skies, that's the 12" version. They were saying on Janice's programme just over an hour ago. Endorsing what I'm being saying for some time. I'm not saying that they're I'm echoing what I said, but saying the same sort of thing, in that, there is nothing in the charts at the moment, as I am a parent should disapprove of. I think this has social implications well beyond popular music. I won't go into all of them now, as I haven't worked out in theories completely and at the same time, I think there are implications which are quite worrying. These are the Capitols, I Want To Be Alone')
(A.I.D.S trailer by Tommy Vance)

Tracks marked @ available on File 3


  • 1) 020A-B1874XXXXXXX-0100A0.mp3
  • 2) 020A-B1874XXXXXXX-0101A0.mp3
  • 3) 1987-0x-xx Peel Early 1987
  • 1) 1:08:35
  • 2) 0:49:19
  • 3) 1:04:10 (27:34-33:30)
  1. Big Decision only peaked at number 43.
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