• 2004-04-28
  • Show comes again from Peel Acres rather than London, as the team are travelling up to Glasgow in the morning, from where the Thursday night programme will be broadcast.
  • Having last night mentioned Ray Caruana of the band Live Report (the UK's representatives at the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest), a listener has contacted Peel to say that she saw him perform recently, not being aware of his Eurovision past, but was impressed. Peel has to admit that his belief that Caruana had been a taxi driver in Glasgow is completely without foundation.
  • Peel had taken delivery of a copy of the new Morrissey LP that morning.
  • The track by Wckr Spgt is played to satisfy a listener request. Another listener points out that by a happy coincidence, the core duo of the band (Joel Huschle and Mark Givens) have collaborated in the past with tonight's session guest John Darnielle, aka Mountain Goats. Indeed, the latter actually wrote the music for "Francis Mitterrand".



JP: "I hope at this very moment somebody's working up a decent song about Danny Murphy's penalty at Old Trafford last weekend." [1]
JP: "While that was playing actually, I was packing away the Zodiac Cosmic Sounds record and a postcard fell out of the sleeve, which was sent to me back in 1967 when I was playing the record, by Michael Courtauld. And he said, “Dear John Peel, The Zodiac LP that you are playing is a fantastic record. Is it available in this country? In response to your appeal for zodiac signs, my sign is Virgo." And that was Michael Courtauld of Palmers Green, London N13. I wonder if he still listens to the programme? It would be nice to know. He would probably be rather moved that I have still got his postcard."
Announces Alton Stitcher but starts playing the Vauxhall 44 track again. (Wrong Track Moment)
Announces Neulander but starts playing the Mouthus track first by accident. (Wrong Track Moment)


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  • 02:00:49
  1. Liverpool had beaten Manchester United 1-0 in the Premier League on 24th April thanks to that penalty. BBC report.
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