• 1978-08-28
  • JP introduces show by congratulating Mike Read on some unspecified good news.
  • He refers to the Friday night of the Reading Festival when he got "tired and emotional" and got canned on stage, a fact he appears to have been oblivious of at the time.
  • Further references to Liverpool FC, who were at such a mighty phase that he has been annoying listeners who happen to support other clubs and has delayed mention of their crushing defeat of Manchester City to the second half of the show.



Files 1 (T025) and 2 begin
(JP: "The first record is for Alan of Maida Vale - you'll be sorely missed, Fluff".) [1]


  • 1) 1978-08-28 Tapes 025 and 026
  • 2) 1978-08-28 John Peel Radio 1 DB007 DB008.mp3
  • 1) 1:01:08
  • 2) 1:57:24
  • 1) File created from T025 and T026 of 400 Box and digitised by Weatherman22.
  • T025 was dead on arrival and had to be reshelled into the cassette that came with my Nakamichi BX-300 I bought for this ripping project.
  • Sound is fairly good quality AM mono but occasionally marred by some reception phasing distortion. That aside, it is a pleasing mellow and fairly dynamic sound, in some ways preferable to a poor FM rip or a low-bit rate DAB broadcast. One can only regret that the Box 400 taper did not live in a good FM reception area!
  • 2) File makes the above paragraph redundant as this is the complete show in very good FM Stereo, recorded from DB007 and DB008 of the Derby Box
  1. Alan Freeman's final Saturday Rock Show had aired two days previously, and he specifically asked Peel to play this for him.
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