• 1985-08-28
  • Start of show: "In 26 hours time, dear reader, it will be my birthday, beacons will be lit on high ground throughout not just the British Isles, but all over northern Europe, the streets will be filled with jostling singing crowds and my name will be heard 10,000 times, 10,000 ruby red lips"
  • Peel receives an early birthday present from Eddie, a friend who lives in Berlin, who went to Hungary for a holiday and gave him a Hungarian record from Hangár, who do a cover of the Shorts 'Comment Ca Va?' which he plays.
  • Peel mentions that his daughter Alexandra has removed pictures of Wham! and replaced them with Paul King on her bedroom wall.



(JP: 'I accept our Janice will be playing that quite a lot, but that's Then Jerico, Jerico spelt wrong in my view, but then again it's up to you how you spell Jerico')
(JP: 'I wish those dudes will send me their records')
(JP: 'Oh real music at last, none of this colourless Mickey Mouse nonsense')
(JP: 'So don't forget if your band is called the legion of the something, to send in a record and perhaps you'll be able to participate the next time we have this amusing feature in the programme, that was Legion Of The Sacred and that was called Touch, now from Elvis Costello And The Attractions, something largely more identifiable') 
(30 Years Of Rock trailer)
(JP: 'Don't forget it's my birthday on Friday')
(JP: 'Top Of The Pops with Janice tomorrow and I'm off home to celebrate my birthday, the villagers are roasting some lentils')


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