• 2002-08-28
  • John has trouble with the studio equipment when trying to play the track by Numbers. "I know people think I make this stuff up. As I've said to you before, this studio was designed by somebody who's never done a radio programme in all of their life and hopefully never will."
  • Prompted by a listener, Peel describes the "appalling" experience of compering the Buxton Festival in 1973. JP: "It's the only time I've ever walked out on a gig. I looked at my watch and I thought, if I leave now I can get home in time for Match Of The Day - and indeed, I did."
  • The Youssou N'Dour track is dedicated to the Liverpool's Senegalese players: "Not a great night for them tonight, but hopefully great nights will follow." (Liverpool had drawn 2-2 away at Blackburn Rovers that evening.) [1] JP: "If you're listening lads, a draw at Blackburn Rovers [is] frankly not good enough I think. No disrespect to Blackburn, but you've go to do better than that if you're going to win the title."
  • Says that the Breeders were supposed to be recording another session for the programme but "blew us out, alas."
  • Peel mentions again the current ITV programme "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here". "As I pointed out in last night's programme, Christine Hamilton and Tony Blackburn are, against all of the odds, emerging as almost heroic figures set as they are amongst some of the most appalling human beings on Earth."
  • Peel sympathises with a listener who is feeling low after arguing with his ten-year old son. JP: "I went through all that myself, particularly with our William. And you get really upset, and you just think, why won't you listen to what I'm saying?' It doesn't make any difference to me whether you pay any attention to what I'm saying or not, but your own life will be marginally improved if you actually do as I suggest. And they just look at you like, 'you don't know what you're talking about. You bastard'. It does hurt, it really does, and it still hurts and I never understood why it went on."



JP: "Many helloings I bring you this night."
JP: "I think what I will do over the weekend is make myself a studio out of plasticine and see if that works. Probably work every bit as well."
  1. Tipp City (the Amps)
  2. Huffer
  3. Saints
  4. I Just Wanna Get Along
  5. Cannonball
  6. Pacer (the Amps)
  7. Divine Hammer
Starts playing the Pig's Big 78 by mistake (Wrong Track Moment).
JP: "Tony Blackburn would have gone mad for that when it came out in 1969 and he would have been right to do so too."
  1. Sorted For E's And Wizz
  2. The Trees
  3. Weeds
  4. Common People
  5. I Love Life
  6. Sunrise


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