• 1983-12-28
  • The fourth part of the 1983 Festive Fifty and session repeats feature in this show. Unusually, JP opts to start with the first session repeat track in lieu of the sig.
  • Kid Jensen is on his way home, and makes a two-word contribution to the proceedings.
  • On John's mind are six tickets to a concert including the Damned, which he has left as a treasure hunt in various telephone boxes, and a missing running order.
  • Until recently, only the chart portion was available. However in February 2010, a newly available file included a few of the preceding session tracks, and in February 2011 a complete recording of the show in extremely high quality was shared.
  • Tracks on file 1 marked § and those on file 2 marked ¶.

Session Repeats


(JP (after the previous track's industrial noise and screaming in German): 'Ah, a big dancefloor favourite.')

1983 Festive Fifty: Numbers 20-11

(JP: 'Not a great favourite of mine, I have to admit, but it's you, the great British public, that makes these decisions.') §¶
(JP: 'It's probably heretical to say this, but if you heard their in concert recording which was played on Kid's programme a few days ago, you'll know that they can sound a little untidy live, but they do make great records, and that's one of them.') §¶
(JP: 'I must admit, I thought that was absolute rubbish the first time I heard it, but I did learn to, not exactly love it, but learn to live with it, anyway.') §¶
(JP: 'Now you see, if I was going to rig the Festive Fifty, as people occasionally suggest that I do, that would have been higher as well.') §¶
(JP: 'Almost everybody who saw them live, both here and on the continent, I got a lot of letters from the continent about them, said they were dreadful...In a way, I quite enjoy doing this chart rundown thing. It's exciting for me, if not for you.') §¶


  • 1) JP19831228.mp3
  • 2) ff83.1
  • 3) 1983-12-28 John Peel BBC Radio 1
  • 4) Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Peel Session 1983
  • 1) 01:02:59
  • 2) 02:06:17 (this portion of the show begins at 00:28:31 on the above file and concludes at 01:13:24).
  • 3) 02:02:38
  • 4) 12:56
  • 2) This file contains material from other shows.
  • 3) Complete show: many thanks to Bill.
  • 4) Just the session and Peel links
  • 1) [1]
  • 2) Currently unavailable
  • 3) Mooo Server
  • 4) OMD session with Peel intros and comments although tracks are in a different running order.
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