• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1989-12-28
  • The fifth and final part of the 1989 Festive Fifty, backed as usual by session repeats. The first two files listed below contain the chart sections alone: the last file listed below is the entire show.
  • Bob Harris is waiting to do his programme, and is apparently listening to the Festive Fifty.
  • Number 4 is a remixed version of the track that made 48 in the previous year's chart.



1989 Festive Fifty: Numbers 10-01

(JP: 'It's quite interesting, the top three, because normally what happens in previous years is that one track sort of sets off at a cracking pace from the start and just disappears out of sight. By and large, this has been the case, anyway. But this year, and bearing in mind that I award three points for yer number one, two points for your number two, and one point for your third choice, if two more people had voted for 'Debaser' as their favourite track of the year, then it would have been top. In other words, what I'm saying is that six points covered the top three records. Incidentally, this was the first year that the Pig ever voted in the Festive Fifty, and this was her number one, and your number two.')
(JP: 'And that would have been it for the Festive Fifty, the programme, the week, the year, the decade, if it had not been for a letter from John L Paines, writing from Sea Mills in Bristol, saying, "You may not remember, but the first track you played on your first show in 1980 was 'Life In The 1980s' by the Martian Schoolgirls. I thought it might be a nice idea if you played the 80s out with the same track. How about it?". Well, that's quite a good idea, John L Paines.') [1]


  • a) 28th December 89
  • b) 'Festive 50s' folder, '1989' sub-folder, file F50_1987_1001
  • c) John Peel Show 1989-12-28
  • a) 00:49:06
  • b) 00:47:04
  • c) 02:02:11
  • a) 207 kbps VBR recording
  • b) 308 kbps
  • c) 256 kbps
  1. See 01 January 1980.
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