• 2000-12-28
  • Complete show including the 2000 Festive Fifty, #20-1.
  • Start of show: "Hello again chums, and coming up later, numbers 20 to 1 in this year's Festive Fifty."
  • The Pig is still recovering from her ankle injury, and in fact has fallen over twice since then.


  • None


(JP: 'The reason I'm slightly out of breath is because when I heard what Steve was ending his programme with, I rushed to the other end of the house to try and find, I've got this excellent Auld Lang Syne, a happy hardcore version of it, by some people called XLNT, and I thought, how neat it would be to start this programme with that to follow Steve's. But I couldn't find it: irritating. But life is like that, in so many ways. Make a note of that if you like.') [1]
(JP: I was much amused towards the end of last night's programme by an email from John Traynor....(who) said, "There are far too many happy jolly novelty songs in this year's Festive Fifty. What's wrong with the youth nowadays? In my day, we used to sit around unassumingly enjoying Section 25. There was none of this inane grinning." Well, John, here's an opportunity for you to recapture your youth: Section 25 at their most playful.')
(JP: 'They sound amazing, I have to can't help but be reminded of the Birthday Party, but what a good band to be reminded of.')

2000 Festive Fifty: Numbers 20-01

(JP: 'I'm not trying to tease you in any way, but I was very surprised actually at this year's number one in the Festive Fifty, and I think you may be too when we get there just before midnight.')
(JP: 'I wonder if anybody has guessed what is number one. I suppose somebody must have done.')
(JP: 'I get really nervous at this stage of the Festive Fifty, convinced I'm going to make some terrible mistake.')
(JP: 'He's still a world leader really, isn't he?')
(JP: 'We're almost to the end of this year's programmes obviously from me, and it's good to do the last one from here at home, and on behalf of meself and everybody here at Peel Acres, I'd like to wish you a happy New Year (noises off from family), and this is number one in the Festive Fifty.')
(JP: 'What a fantastic year 2000 has been for music, and let's hope that 2001 is every bit as good....thanks very much for listening.')


  • a) JP011228.wma
  • b) 2000-12-28.mp3
  • a) 02:01:06
  • b) 02:00:01
  • a) Very good sound at 128 kbps
  • b) Excellent sound at 220-260 vbr kbps. Recorded direct from FM to Grundig GV540 VHS Hifi by Weatherman22
  • a) Not currently available online
  • b) [1]
  1. However, John did eventually find it: see 02 January 2001.
  2. Probably something of a watershed in swearing in both John's chart and his show as a whole: the word 'fucking' is repeated twenty times without edit or disclaimer.
  3. JP plays this version, from session #1 (recorded 2000-01-30), because he's lost his copy of the record.
  4. One of only two instances where the same song under two different names made the Festive Fifty: see Teenage Kicks (blog), A Rose By Any Other Name.
  5. Mark Whitby (in The Festive Fifty, Nevin Publishing, 2005, p. 196), notes that "it is beyond question that the shorter version...ought not to have been the one featured. This was from the 'Madonna' album, which had been released in 1999. The single release, from 2000, was the eligible track, and this was a formidable 11:31 in length." However, the discogs entry above for the single is timed at 3:46, identical to the LP version.
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