• 2004-12-28
  • The first of three shows featuring the posthumous Festive Fifty, presented by Rob Da Bank, who also has Louise Kattenhorn as producer. Two recordings are available, one of the complete show and the other the chart alone, divided into separate tracks.
  • The first part of the show mixes new songs and something called a Festive Fifty Random Generator, where the tracks were selected from text messages containing merely a year and a chart position.
  • Rob announces the title and artist before each song is played, something JP rarely did during the Festive Fifty.


  • None


Recording a begins

(RDB: 'I was lying when I said there were a few more tunes coming up, because it's actually here! The time is right, come on...')

Recording b begins

(RDB: 'The Festive Fifty, 2004. The tension is just too much. Louise, pass me the envelope. (Makes paper noises) It's not really an envelope, it's just a piece of paper I've written on. We're just pretending, you know, getting you really tense out there. I can imagine loads of bands, loads of singers, and loads of songwriters out there, sitting, you know, biting their nails, getting really nervous, "Oh, will I be number 32, this year? Will I get better?"....We do know that John would be very pleased that so many of you voted again this year, making another absolutely cracking, bumper selection...So the tension is just getting too much. What is in at number 50? Let's have a little look.')
(RDB: 'A very good reason to turn your radio up very very loud. Come on, crank it up.')
(RDB: 'The grime revolution continues.')
(RDB: 'I'm sure Hermeet is rubbing his hands with glee that grime made it into the Festive Fifty this year.')
(RDB: 'That's part 1 of the Festive Fifty over and done with, part 2 tomorrow night. Thanks so much for listening.')

Recordings a and b end


  • a) Da Bank 2004-12-28(p).mp3
  • b) 2004 (Complete) Radio Version
  • a) 01:59:05
  • b) 1 hour (approx)
  1. Chosen by Dr. Mango.
  2. Initially, Rob mistakenly calls it 'Lady Hell', the previous track on the CD.
  3. From one and only session, live from Maida Vale 4, 2004-07-07. Rob calls the group 'Peel show stalwarts', even though this session featured only John 'Drumbo' French from the original Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band.
  4. Before this song, featuring the memorable line 'fuck off and die', is played, a disclaimer announces: "This is the 2004 Festive Fifty on Radio 1. There is a good chance that you will be introduced to concepts with which you may feel uncomfortable, and an even more likely possibility of hearing bad language on this show. It's the way Mr. Peel would have wanted it. Rest in peace, John."
  5. Rob refers to this as "one of the few tracks that came from Peel Sessions this year in the Festive Fifty". In fact, the four session entries achieved some kind of record as far as the Fifty was concerned, and certainly beat 2003's tally (none).
  6. The LP from which this is played was not officially released until January 2005: the votes for this track were on the back of John playing it as a limited edition 7 inch.
  7. Rob states that the Wedding Present had recorded "no less than 13 sessions". According to The Peel Sessions, 14 had actually been broadcast by this time.
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