• 1989-02-28
  • Peel mentions a friend visiting Zimbabwe and bringing him back 71 singles and 15 LP's, which he's only heard a third of it so far. He plays some of the tracks on this programme.
  • Peel mentions My Bloody Valentine will be touring in Germany this March.
  • Peel mentions that when he played Jordan Chataika's record, his wife Sheila outside the house was dancing to it. He also says it is a great record and has played it seven or eight times in a row without getting tired of it.
  • Peel says the Russian band Va Bank was the best of the bands he heard when he was in Russia last year.
  • Peel plays a track from a Yugoslavian group by a band called Demolition Group, who in fact come from Slovenia.
  • Peel plays a couple of tracks from Finnish artists including Psychoplasma and Carillo.
  • Peel plays three tracks from the Sub Pop 200 boxset.
  • Peel argues the best British rapper he's heard is Overlord X and claims to play his single, I'm Riffin', on the programme. In fact, the record 'I'm Riffin' is from MC Duke and not Overlord X.
  • Peel plays the wrong track from the Lookey Dookey compilation album that was supposed to be Rex Garvin, but instead was the Guitar Crusher. He goes on to say that he will play the Rex Garvin track on next week's programme.



  • 1) Peel On Bremen Vier - 1989-02-28A.mp3
  • 2) Peel On Bremen Vier - 1989-02-28B.mp3
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  • 1-2) Thanks to Eddie Berlin!
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