• 1986-01-28
  • Peel mentions Andy Kershaw will be coming back from Texas and will present his show on Thursday.
  • Peel mentions he will be going to Edinburgh, Scotland next week on his DJ roadshow.
  • Peel says he doesn't play many soul records, because of the availability of getting them and the appalling lyrics, but then plays a soul record from Jimmy Lewis.
  • Peel says he never understands why some people like Tom Waits after mentioning the artists featured on NME's Big Four compilation single.
  • Peel mentions he and his children like electro hip hop after a listener requested him to play a track from M.C. Chill, but Peel says that he hasn't got a copy to play.
  • Peel plays a track from a Zimbabwean all female country & western band called the Family Singers.
  • Peel mentions playing a track from Girlie And Jomo of the 1970 reggae Loch Ness compilation album two weeks ago and had listeners requesting to play it again, which he does.



(JP: 'I wish this LP included some words of wisdom about Ausgang, they seem to be around for quite some time, but I don't remember being that good, that's from the LP Manipulate which is on FM records, Fat Vigilante is the title of that and a good cover as well, sleeve by Vanessa Johnson, which depicts a couple of people establishing a close interpersonal relationship but tastefully')
(JP: 'Do any of you hipsters out there know what has become of Jimmy Lewis?, I should really like to know')
(JP: 'Well I go further than that actually, the first feminist African country and western choir')
(JP: 'What a wonderful record it is to be sure, don't write asking me to get hold of it, I simply have no idea at all')


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