• 1995-07-28
  • Eight tracks from a new Fall live release are aired.
  • Charlie Rich died on 25 July: Peel plays a track in tribute.
  • JP mentions going to Manchester to record a TV programme called 'What The Magazines Say': who he made a "heartfelt apology" to "a top pop personality", (it turned out to be Damon Albarn). The show was broadcast the following afternoon at 12.45 on BBC2 (a summer replacement for 'What the Papers Say').
  • Complete show available from the 500 Box. Selected tracks also available on Dat 087 (§) and Dat 089 (¶).


  • Bandulu, #2. Recorded 1995-06-22. No known commercial release.
  • Pussy Crush, #1 (rpt). Recorded 1994-09-27. No known commercial release.


(JP: 'It's been an exhausting day, really, because last night I went to one of the Promenade concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, first time I've been to one in about twenty years. It was all right, you know, I'd gone along at the invitation of a senior BBC person, there werer about twenty of us there. It was extraordinary: it was amazingly hot, as you might imagine in the Royal Albert Hall. And yet all of the other people who were there were all immaculately dressed, you know, mainly in white and things like this, and they seemed to be entirely undeterred by the heat: they all sat there looking as crisp as a lettuce while I was wearing a shirt. First of all, it had been in the washing machine next to our William's socks, I rather suspect, because as it got hot, as I got hot and the shirt got hot, this revolting kind of miasma rose up from it, and the smell was appalling, and anybody who met me and was speaking to me in the course of it must have thought, "This man has got serious problems of some sort or another". I sit there, and everybody else is crisp as a lettuce, and as fresh as you like, and I'm sitting there, and my shirt is like knotting itself about my body, and I can feel sweat running down the back of me neck into what little hair I've got and disappearing into my shirt, and my shirt is absolutely soaked, and everybody else remains as crisp as you like. The music is just about fine, I wish I could remember the man's name. There was a Russian man playing Rachmaninov's Third Piano Concerto: the only time for me that it came completely alive was when he was playing the kind of solo bits, you know. The orchestra just fine, a BBC Orchestra, but it was like Dick Dale when it got going. It was extraordinary. He was singing along with he was thundering away at the piano.') [1]
(JP: "As I said, I spent much of the day on the train, travelling to Manchester from London and back again to London from Manchester, and reading the papers I saw an obituary for Charlie Rich. The first record that I ever bought by Charlie Rich, in fact I think the first record he ever released, was a song called Lonely Weekends, which I can sing in its entirety. I'll let him do that, though, instead of me.")


  • a) CB084 + CB130 JP 1995-07-28
  • b) Dat_087_JP-MIX_BBCR1-
  • c) Dat_089_JP-MIX_BBCR1-
  • d) 1995-06-xx-07-xx Peel Show LE235
  • a) 03:00:11
  • b) 04:04:01 (from 03:42:21 to end)
  • c) 03:58:37 (from start to 00:59:00)
  • d) 1:32:37 (to 25.58-54:57)
  1. Thankfully, Peel also wrote about attending this concert in the 1995-08-12 issue of Radio Times (reprinted in Olivetti Chronicles, p. 377-80, 2009 Corgi edition), mentions that he was invited by Liz Forgan, and that the soloist he forgot the name of was Grigory Sokolov.
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