• 1979-05-28
  • Complete recording available from the Derby Box.
  • Start of show: "Thousand a side football is it now? Well I never. This is another John Peel Show, the programme with carefree panty shields and a new session from the Buzzcocks. Plus from the 20th of December of 1978, the Damned, their notable Love Song / Burglar / Melody Lee and Looking At You session, plus really ridiculously good new singles from Capital Letters and the Ruts, both sides of both of those, and a great many other things besides. Let's get started on it."
  • The national petrol shortage meant that Peel had to cancel his weekend plans to go and see the Leyton Buzzards in Norwich on Sunday 27th, or to travel to Cambridge the night before to see the Fall and the Users - or as an alternative on the same night, to Norwich to see the Specials.
  • Peel had been filmed doing "sporting activities for television" on Saturday (probably for ITV's "Star Games") in the pouring rain. He'd scored a penalty in the football match but his team were knocked out of the competition, so he wasn't required to go back on Sunday for more filming (which wasn't a displeasing outcome).
  • First play of "Babylon's Burning" by The Ruts. "This is gonna knock you dead." He invites listeners to visit the Radio One roadshow in Crawley the following day to lobby Kid Jensen to make him pick it as his single of the week so that it gets daytime airplay.
  • Brief mention is given of the weekend international football match between England and Scotland, which featured in the starting lineups five players from Liverpool. England won the match 3-1 [1].
  • At the end, pronounces the show "a blinder" -- citing the two sessions, along with the Ruts and Capital Letters singles (both had both sides played).



JP: "Makes you proud to be British, doesn't it? It really does."


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