• 1997-05-28
  • Peel mentions that the Psycho 9 track has a sample of his voice in the recording, which he says the words Psycho 9.
  • Peel is impressed with the good natured reviews of his performance at Tribal Gathering and mentions somebody criticising him in not mixing well, where he says that a DJ like Dave Clarke would not be able to mix Status Quo with Drum And Bass.
  • Peel mentions meeting Mark E. Smith of The Fall in Manchester and was not able to understand what he was chatting about and proceeds to say that the Fall singer kept whispering to his son William about something. Peel then asked his son William what Mark E Smith told him and William replied that he couldn't understand also what Mark E. Smith was saying.
  • Peel plays a track by Secret Goldfish doing a cover of Nirvana's Come As You Are.
  • Comment at start of recording: 'As you know, this is the programme that's rather self-conscious about soliciting faxes, but Hannah, the temporary producer, keeps going over to the fax machine, taking faxes out of it, looking at them, and putting them in seperate piles because they're not for me.' He then gives out the fax number, and later adds that the faxes 'are now pouring in in a gratifying manner. The ego, you know, it needs massaging at all times'.
  • John labels the DJ Remould version of 'Teenage Kicks' as 'a blot and a blasphemy, but none the less enjoyable for all that'.
  • With typical modesty, he omits the portion of the Tyrannosaurus Rex track containing him reading a fairytale written by Marc Bolan.


  • Demolition Doll Rods, one and only session, recorded 1997-04-29. No known commercial release: 'Number 1 Feel', 'Lil' Naked', and 'Got The Love'. John manages to interrupt 'Queen Bee' with an African record.


(JP: 'If you buy only one LP this year, this is the one to buy')
(Exam slam trailer)
(BBC Radio One breakfast trailer by Mark & Lard)
(Peel chats to Mary Anne Hobbs about her show)


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