• 1987-09-28
  • Peel mentions hearing lots of records over the weekend and saying not many were outstanding, but did like McCarthy's new 12" single.
  • Peel plays a track from Spanish group, Enemigos, covering Johnny Kidd & The Pirates' Shakin' All Over, which they re-titled as Chicken All Over.
  • Peel mentions his TV appearance on Wogan: 20 Years of Radio 1 Special and says that Terry Wogan is excellent on radio, but when he's on TV, he acts like a puppy. He then says that he wished Wogan could have asked him on the programme about any anecdotes or stories.
  • Peel mentions he couldn't write in one of the Sunday newspapers, because the ICA gig that he was invited to was charging £10 for the night, which he didn't have the money, when he arrived, as they didn't tell him beforehand and he thought the invitation was for free. He mentions that the gig had a Frank Chickens karaoke and dedicates a yodelling record to the ICA by Franzl Lang.
  • Peel says the Fall track was recorded live in the German city of Bremen, a place that he describes as one of his favourite cities on earth.
  • Peel plays several tracks from the compilation album of Head Over Ears (A Debris Compilation).



(JP: 'And now we whirl back in time gentle listener to 1928, that golden year')
(JP: 'And do you remember the moon walk, this is Pee Wee Ellis')
(JP: 'This is a record which could easily be recorded by William 11, Alexandra 9, Thomas 7 and Florence 5. In fact it's by the Angry Samoans, but it applies at our house, My Old Man's A Fatso')

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