• John Peel's Music On BFBS
  • 1995-04-29
  • Start of show: "Well hi there, it's John Peel's Music On BFBS. In just a moment, we'll be looking at some exciting new knitting patterns, but first some music."
  • JP remembers a song from his youth called 'Poppa Piccolino' (by David Whitfield), but Denis the engineer can't find a copy, so John sings it. Twice. (The second rendition is missing from file b.)


  • None


File b begins

File a begins during last few seconds of above

(JP: 'According to a recent survey, I'm the third most tired man in all of Europe, but I won't let that stop me bringing you another programme of fine music here on John Peel's Music from BFBS. That's the commercial message over with.')
(JP: 'Now there's a god if you like, and brothers and sisters, I like!)

File b edit part way through above
File a ends
File c begins

(JP: 'On the spine it says, "Home taping is reinventing music." I like their spirit, I must say.')
  • wrong speed moment
(JP: 'I told Denis at the start of the programme that I wasn't going to make any mistakes, and I haven't done, and I shall continue not to make any mistakes.')
(JP: 'While that was playing, Denis said, "It sounds like Kenny Rogers!" So there's another career wiped out: I shall never play another one of their records.')

File c cuts out


  • a) 5. BFBS RADIO 27 08 93 JOHN PEEL
  • b) Dat_077_JP_BFBS-
  • c) 1. BFBS RADIO 16 06 93 JOHN PEEL
  • a) 00:18:25
  • b) 03:43:16 (from start to 01:48:46)
  • c) 00:24:43
  • a) Note file misdate.
  • b) Many thanks to Max-dat. Unusually, some ten minutes appears to have been edited out.
  • c) Note file misdate.
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