• 1990-08-29
  • Start of show: "Did I really hear in the previous programme someone say that touts were too wise in the thee, I think I probably did, anyway, I hope I did, tonight we have a session from Shut Up And Dance, not just a trio not just a record label, a way of life, I should wonder. Amongst the records, Honey Smugglers, Galaxie 500, Macka B, Pixies, Happy Flowers[1], Franco and Wreck. Also couple of songs that top pop groups have covered recently and a crafty look on what is called Foxcore.[2] To start though, Link 'N' Chain."
  • Peel plays Galaxie 500's version of the Velvet Underground's Here She Comes Now and mentions he will play their A-side on tomorrow night's show.
  • Peel says he will play Sonic Youth's version of the Neon Boys' That's All I Know on tomorrow night's show.
  • Peel plays a track from Wreck who do a cover of The Fall's Various Times.
  • Peel mentions he will miss Nicky Campbell after his show when the schedule of the programme changes.
  • Peel plays five Foxcore bands (Babes In Toyland, STP, Lunachicks, Dickless, Hole) in a row after reading Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth making up the word 'Foxcore' in a press interview.




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  1. The band doesn't seem to be played on the audio.
  2. Foxcore is a 1990s rock music genre of bands featuring female singers. According to Joanne Gottlieb and Gayle Wald, the term was coined as a joke by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth in 1990 to describe a wave of loud and aggressive female fronted bands such as Babes In Toyland that was occurring at the time. Failing to understand Moore's humorous intent, and confusing it with the Riot Grrrl and movement of that era, the media picked up on the term.
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