• 2004-12-29
  • The second part of the posthumous 2004 Festive Fifty, hosted by Rob Da Bank.


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Recording a begins

(RDB: 'Yeah I think I heard that one somewhere before.')
(RDB: 'And this record, if you listen carefully does mention the one and only BBC John Peel and Andy Kershaw')
(RDB: 'So I was slightly lying when I said that was the last track before the festive fifty continues. We have got one more. This is probably one of the most requested tracks of the last couple of months.')

Recording b begins

(RDB: 'It's Festive Fifty time, number 35. Who on earth could it be? We descend into the grime dungeon.')
(RDB: 'I can't even announce who this one is until we've done this warning.')
(Disclaimer: 'The legendary Festive Fifty on Radio 1, as voted for by listeners to the John Peel show. You may find some of this show's content offensive. So, if you're easily upset by foul language or disturbing concepts, please switch off now, and have a very merry Yuletide. Elsewhere.')
(RDB: 'So there you go. You may have guessed it is Shitmat in at number 33, with one of the best titles of the year.')
(RDB: 'John was absolutely amazed because he'd only previously been talking on the show about Laurie Anderson's original 'O Superman', which went to number 2 (in the UK charts) in the early 80s, but this is at number 28 in the Festive Fifty.')

Recording b ends


  • a) Da Bank 2004-12-29(p).mp3
  • b) 2004 (Complete) Radio Version
  • a) 01:59:03
  • b) 1 hour (approx)
  1. From their only session, live on 07 July 2004.
  2. Thanks to Mark Whitby for correcting a long-standing error. As can be seen, X Booty is the label, as opposed to the artist. The confusion probably arose from the fact that neither of the artists concerned were credited on the release.
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